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Archive for the ‘LinkedIn’ Category

LinkedIn: connecting two people, sort of. (via: LinkedIn Answers)

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/11/18

One of the things I wish that LinkedIn implements is an easy way to connect two of your relations.

I understand that the underlying issues might be a tad more difficult than this simple request (what about spam connects, or other security concerns?), but right now the way to do this is cumbersome:

how do i connect two people ?
posted June 18, 2009 in Using LinkedIn

Daniel Jatovsky:

You cant connect two people, but you can introduce them to each other. Then its up to them to connect.

There are two methods in LinkedIn for doing this.

One is to go to each persons profile. At the top of the profile is a link to Forward this profile. Click on it, forward it to the other person with a note from yourself. Once they’ve responded positively you can forward contact information to each other.

The other is to send a message to both simultaneously. To do that, go to your Inbox and click on Compose a message and select Send a message to a connection. Write a message that you can send to both simultaneously and, if you like, check the box that allows them to see the other persons name and email address.


via: how do i connect two people ? | LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn.

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Dear fellow social media users, please post screen shots as PNG, not as JPEG image files

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/08/01

I still see many people post screen shots as JPEG images.

JPEG images introduce distortion, and usually are bigger than PNG images.

The PNG images are more crisp, and have more vibrant colors.

So dear fellow social media users: please post screen shots as PNG images.

Comparison: the JPEG on the left is 120 kilobyte, the PNG on the right only 60 kilobyte and looks much better.


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Android help needed: App that cleans up the Contacts mess that the LinkedIn app left behind

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/07/23

It seems LinkedIn doesn’t react to my tweet for help, so maybe you can provide me (paid) with a custom build of Contact Remover Plus.

This is my problem:

The LinkedIn Android app has created dozens of LinkedIn links and photo links to many of my contacts.
This renders many functions on my phone unusable:

  • loading the native People app takes minutes
  • Contacs cannot be synced my Google account any more
  • making  a backup fails
  • I cannot edit contacts in the Android People app any more
  • calling a phone number usually takes more than 30 seconds, often more than a minute
  • etc.

I tried to count this for one particular contact with the “Contact Remover” App: His contact has so many pages of photos and LinkedIn links that I cannot count them any more. They are at least dozens, probably more than 100 of each.

I’m using an HTC Sensation phone with a regular Android 4 firmware.

With Android development, I haven’t don’t anything yet with the Contacts API yet, and don’t have the time to do so in short term.

I’m willing to pay for an App that:

  • removes all LinkedIn links for all contacts
  • removes all LinkedIn photos for all contacts



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Some LinkedIn sender addresses you can use for filtering

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/03/25

Years ago, I set some filters on incoming messages from LinkedIn. Boy I was wrong: the filters were way to generic, resulting in too much mail skipping my inbox.

Here is a run-down from LinkedIn sender addresses I got mail from over the past couple of years:

  • – the Q&A part of LinkedIn
  • – some generic overview statistics reports ???
  • – connection confirmations
  • – connection confirmations (seems not to be in use any more)
  •– confirmation of email address
  • – group announcements
  • – digest group messages
  • – individual group messages
  • – incoming invitations
  • – invitations / direct messages
  • – direct messages or CCs of messages
  • – group introductions
  • – sitewide updates, notification of email bounces
  • – ??? correlation unclear (only 10 msgs)

Have fun adjusting your mail filters!


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