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Android help needed: App that cleans up the Contacts mess that the LinkedIn app left behind

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/07/23

It seems LinkedIn doesn’t react to my tweet for help, so maybe you can provide me (paid) with a custom build of Contact Remover Plus.

This is my problem:

The LinkedIn Android app has created dozens of LinkedIn links and photo links to many of my contacts.
This renders many functions on my phone unusable:

  • loading the native People app takes minutes
  • Contacs cannot be synced my Google account any more
  • making  a backup fails
  • I cannot edit contacts in the Android People app any more
  • calling a phone number usually takes more than 30 seconds, often more than a minute
  • etc.

I tried to count this for one particular contact with the “Contact Remover” App: His contact has so many pages of photos and LinkedIn links that I cannot count them any more. They are at least dozens, probably more than 100 of each.

I’m using an HTC Sensation phone with a regular Android 4 firmware.

With Android development, I haven’t don’t anything yet with the Contacts API yet, and don’t have the time to do so in short term.

I’m willing to pay for an App that:

  • removes all LinkedIn links for all contacts
  • removes all LinkedIn photos for all contacts



6 Responses to “Android help needed: App that cleans up the Contacts mess that the LinkedIn app left behind”

  1. CRConrad said


    Do you still have this problem, or have you fixed it now?

    If this still needs fixing, please let me know.

    (I really don’t think it requires an app.)

    • jpluimers said

      In the mean time I have solved it:

      1. exported all my contacts to text,
      2. re-imported them in Google Contacts,
      3. had Google Contacts de-dupe it,
      4. manually checked most of them (about 3000) for additional dupes
      5. kicked out the LinkedIn android app


      • CRConrad said

        I think you could have just gone to the settings of the Contacts app and told it not to display your LinkedIn contacts. That’s what I did to avoid seeing the same people twice, as GMail contacts and also as LinkedIn contacts. Same thing with Facebook; that also made people I knew on both show up twice, until I flicked that too off in the settings. (On my phone, there was also an option to “merge” contacts from other sources with my Google contacts, as I recall.)Then again, this problem for you was more than a year ago, and I can’t recall if I’ve had the LinkedIn app on my phone for that long. Maybe it was buggier then.

        • jpluimers said

          I did all that, and that didn’t matter. That’s why I kicked out the LinkedIn app: too buggy back then and no reaction from them whatsoever after I reported the issue.

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  3. […] Android help needed: App that cleans up the Contacts mess that the LinkedIn app left behind […]

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