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Archive for July 2nd, 2012

No network connection in your VM? Check your VMware services on the host. (via: How to Start & Stop VMware server/Workstation manually | Windows Reference)

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/07/02

If you:

  1. you run VMware Workstation, Server or Player,
  2. and your VM under NAT does not get an IP address on a NIC in the NAT network (usually VMnet8),
  3. and the NIC of your VM has the status “Connected”

Then check if the “VMware DHCP Service” and “VMware NAT Service”  are running using this command:

rem "VMware DHCP Service"
sc queryex VMnetDHCP
sc queryex "VMware NAT Service"

If either of them has’t started, use these command – as an Administrator – to start them (they won’t start a service that is already started):

rem "VMware DHCP Service"
net start VMnetDHCP
net start "VMware NAT Service"

Note that VMware will not complain if the VMware DHCP Service or VMware NAT Service have not started (not even in the eventlog) and will just start your VM fine.

If your VMware DHCP service is not running, and you un-suspend a VM that had an address assigned through DHCP, you usually get errors like this:

C:\Users\j.pluimers>tracert -d
Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops
1 Transmit error: code 1231.
Trace complete.

For my memory:
There are a few more interesting batch files at How to Start & Stop VMware server/Workstation manually | Windows Reference.


via: How to Start & Stop VMware server/Workstation manually | Windows Reference.

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