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Current status on the “Android help needed: App that cleans up the Contacts mess that the LinkedIn app left behind” « The Wiert Corner – irregular stream of Wiert stuff

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/07/26

Again a status update (:

Basically the phone is now in an unusable state, as there is no memory left since the Contacts DB is growing itself (it is now close to 600 megabyte), see this quote on my StackExchange question:

Trying to solve Problem: Huge Contacts Database

On a HTC Sensation running ICS 4.0.3, something caused my contacts database to rapidly grow.

The DB is now 580 megabytes and growing (sometimes over a megabyte per hour) despite the fact that I:

  • disabled all syncs (I found out that the Google Contacts sync had been not working for the last couple of months)
  • uninstalled all 3rd party sync apps (LinkedIn, FaceBook)
  • disabled all network access (no WiFi, no Data)

Looking with Contacts Remover, some contacts have about 300 LinkedIn contact links and photos.

My goal is to save as much information as possible, sync that to my Google account, then ditch the Contacts database and reload from Google.

The constant memory pressure makes it hard to run applications (I need to move apps to SD to get some storage memory, then run something, and hope that while running the storage memory doesn’t run out).

Basically my phone is now useless.

My idea to try solving the problem is this:

  • export the Contacts to VCF on the SD card (success)
  • copy the VCF to a machine that can run the Android AVD (success)
  • install an AVD that allows to add a Google account for sync (success)
  • copy the VCF to the AVD SD card using DDS in Eclipse (success)
  • import the VCF into the People app of the AVD (success)
  • sync the AVD to Google (fail)

The last step fails, but doesn’t generate any error.

The AVD is using these settings to be as close as possible to my physical device:

  • Target=Google APIs (Google Inc.)
  • Platform=4.0
  • API Level=14
  • CPU/ABI=ARM (armeabi-v7a)

Two questions (given that I want to sync back the contacts to my Google account):

  • How can I make the last step work?
  • What alternatives can I use if I cannot get the last step to work?

The VCF files total to about 3 megabyte (with about 3000 contacts that is about a kilobyte per contact, not close to 200 kilobyte as in the DB)

Working on it, but it takes a while, especially finding out things like what AVD you need (not all AVDs include the Google APIs) (:



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