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No more Android phone for me…

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/09/05

After all my address-contacts trouble I was hoping my phone would behave for at least a while.

Not so, like in the past it often:

  • pops up a black screen while using the phone book requiring a power button reboot
  • looses Bluetooth in the middle of a call, requiring a hard reboot (remote battery, insert battery, start over)
  • looses GSM/UMTS connection in the middle of a call, basically terminating the call
  • looses internet data connection, requiring a hard reboot
  • looses GPS connection, not sure about a work around
  • turns off the vibrate, but doesn’t turn on the ring tone (so I miss lots of phone calls)
  • turns of Bluetooth and/or WiFi after a reboot
  • finds out even the basic apps like mail, phone or calendar hang and need to be “reported”, but I never get follow-ups on that
  • refuses to sync important data because “it will retry later”
  • cannot find contacts in the database, but after manually re-adding them, you suddenly have two
  • the mail app keeping restarting while fetching mails

What kept me using it was the usefulness of many apps.

But now I won’t any more: the last 4 days, the gMail app managed to use almost 1 gigabyte of data (my monthly plan) for no reason at all.

That was the limit.

Bye bye Android.

Now I just need to decide:

  • iPhone 5
  • Windows Phone 8

Given the update track-record of Apple, this is a no brainer.


4 Responses to “No more Android phone for me…”

  1. IL said

    Hello Jeroen, sad to hear that your problem with phone contacts hasn’t resolved, nobody could help you yet and you are in the mood of abandoning Android platform for reasons you’ve stated. May I bring the problem to eyes of somebody from Android community like AndroidPolice?

    • jpluimers said

      The contacts problem got resolved only a bit:

      1. I exported everything to VCF
      2. I imported the VCF in Google Contacts (it indicated I had 3000 contacts)
      3. I deleted all the contacts on the phone
      4. I synced the phone (now it says I have 3500 contacts)

      Android is buggy, and it shows.

      You can have someone like the AndroidPolice contact me, but I doubt I’ll put much energy in it.
      So far the problems have cost me far more than a week of man hours. I’m not prepared to invest any serious time to it any more.

      (Oh and this is a HTC Sensation with the official ICE build)


  2. Ian Kho said

    Hi Jeroen, Did you use a battery saving app like juice defender? I did have the same issues on my android which were caused by this app. Regards Ian

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