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Archive for April 26th, 2016

O RLY Parody Book Generator for Slack

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/04/26

Oh yes, someone finally did it!

Insult your co-workers with snarky O RLY parody book covers!


via: O RLY Cover Generator: Create parodies of the iconic O’Reilly book covers

URL example:


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XSD enumerations: key value pairs

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/04/26

One of the things you cannot do in XSD, is have string enumerations contain both a key and a value.

But there is a little appinfo trick inside annotation that you can user under some circumstances, for instance when you interpret the XSD:

<xs:simpleType name="event_result">
<xs:restriction base="xs:string">
<xs:enumeration value="101">
<xsd:annotation><xsd:appinfo>Syntax error</xsd:appinfo></xsd:annotation>
<xs:enumeration value="102">
<xsd:annotation><xsd:appinfo>Illegal operation</xsd:appinfo></xsd:annotation>
<xs:enumeration value="103">
<xsd:annotation><xsd:appinfo>Service not available</xsd:appinfo></xsd:annotation>

appinfo is the application counterpart of documentation: both can contain any xml, but appinfo is aimed at machines, whereas documentation is aimed at humans.



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