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Archive for April 6th, 2016

Anders Live | Build 2016 | Channel 9 – on Turbo Pascal, Delphi, C# and TypeScript

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/04/06

Anders Live - Build 2016 - Channel 9 Stage C907 - Speakers: Anders Hejlsberg, Seth Juarez

Anders Live – Build 2016 – Channel 9 Stage C907 – Speakers: Anders Hejlsberg, Seth Juarez

Anders explaining about being a pragmatist ever since he started working on the Turbo Pascal predecessor in 1981. It’s been a long way to TypeScript and beyond (:

Lot’s of interesting tidbits about the future of TypeScript and how it relates to other languages.

Source: Anders Live | Build 2016 | Channel 9

Direct URLs:



The Turbo Pascal predecessors were called Blue Link Software Pascal, Compas Pascal and Poly Pascal as I learned last year while teaching a workshop for DAPUG in Denmark when I bumped into some people working with Anders while he still lived there a long time ago. Later I researched the above links.


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Cygwin first run and a few aliases

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/04/06

Cygwin first run looks like this:

Copying skeleton files.
These files are for the users to personalise their cygwin experience.

They will never be overwritten nor automatically updated.

'./.bashrc' -> '/home/jeroenp//.bashrc'
'./.bash_profile' -> '/home/jeroenp//.bash_profile'
'./.inputrc' -> '/home/jeroenp//.inputrc'
'./.profile' -> '/home/jeroenp//.profile'

jeroenp@msmxp ~

It will copy some default files to your profile so you can modify them.

Since Cygwin will run ~/.bash_profile on logon, and that in turn starts ~/.bashrc (see below), I’ve modified the latter to run ~/.bash_aliases and bring those a bit in sync with my regular Mac machine:

# New user-defined bash aliases file
# Is executed from a modified .bashrc file
# .bashrc is executed from .bash_profile on cygwin
# on other systems, see
## This is the portion in .bashrc you need to edit in cygwin to enable .bash_aliases:
## Aliases
## Some people use a different file for aliases
## if [ -f "${HOME}/.bash_aliases" ]; then
## source "${HOME}/.bash_aliases"
## fi
alias ls-8601='ls -l -T'
alias ls-full-8601='ls -l –time-style=full-iso'
# octal file modes through
alias lsmod='ls -al|awk '\''{k=0;s=0;for(i=0;i<=8;i++){;k+=((substr($1,i+2,1)~/[rwxst]/)*2^(8-i));};j=4;for(i=4;i<=10;i+=3){;s+=((substr($1,i,1)~/[stST]/)*j);j/=2;};if(k){;printf("%0o%0o ",s,k);};print;}'\'''
# silence the progress meter on Cygwin with -sS via
alias whatismyip='curl -sS && echo'

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hosted with ❤ by GitHub

cURL has some idiosyncrasies, for instance Cygwin shows the progress meter by default, but Mac OS X does not. I wanted to disable the cURL progress meter and you heed -sS for that.

ls doesn’t show you octal file modes by default, but chown and umask use them, so I’ve got the lsmod alias through stack-overflow.

Bash initialisation

Getting your bash initialisation right can be tough. There are lengthy discussions about which .bash* files run under what circumstances:


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