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Archive for the ‘Power User’ Category

How to clear screen artifacts without rebooting Windows (multiple versions) – Super User

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/05/20

  1. go to control panel | display
  2. change the screen resolution. the artifact will go away
  3. click on cancel when windows asks you if you want to keep the new resolution.

this works on laptops too.

[WayBack] User mahesh РSuper User answering [WayBack] How to clear screen artifacts without rebooting Windows (multiple versions) РSuper User


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Not sure if this btrfs error was benign or not.

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/05/17

Booting the VM gave this in the log:

# btrfs balance /

    Full balance without filters requested. This operation is very
    intense and takes potentially very long. It is recommended to
    use the balance filters to narrow down the scope of balance.
    Use 'btrfs balance start --full-balance' option to skip this
    warning. The operation will start in 10 seconds.
    Use Ctrl-C to stop it.
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Starting balance without any filters.
ERROR: error during balancing '/': Input/output error
There may be more info in syslog - try dmesg | tail
diaspore:~# dmesg | tail
[ 2261.857360] BTRFS info (device sda2): found 144 extents
[ 2261.922014] BTRFS info (device sda2): found 144 extents
[ 2262.003653] BTRFS info (device sda2): found 144 extents
[ 2262.146557] BTRFS info (device sda2): found 144 extents
[ 2262.268034] BTRFS info (device sda2): relocating block group 20951597056 flags data
[ 2268.255631] BTRFS info (device sda2): found 19765 extents
[ 2278.541549] BTRFS info (device sda2): found 19758 extents
[ 2278.685372] BTRFS info (device sda2): relocating block group 14558429184 flags data
[ 2278.714483] BTRFS warning (device sda2): csum failed root -9 ino 269 off 65150976 csum 0x27374190 expected csum 0x7091fbbc mirror 1
[ 2278.714619] BTRFS warning (device sda2): csum failed root -9 ino 269 off 65150976 csum 0x27374190 expected csum 0x7091fbbc mirror 1

Booting from a rescue DVD, then checking with an unmounted /dev/sda2 nothing is wrong:

localhost:~ # btrfs check /dev/sda2
Checking filesystem on /dev/sda2
UUID: 23d33d0f-0468-4408-b73c-b0eec9387d82
checking extents
checking free space cache
checking fs roots
checking csums
checking root refs
checking quota groups
found 6460166144 bytes used, no error found
total csum bytes: 5795704
total tree bytes: 214171648
total fs tree bytes: 193740800
total extent tree bytes: 12910592
btree space waste bytes: 40754145
file data blocks allocated: 35720101888
 referenced 11352182784

Both had the same version:

# btrfs version
btrfs-progs v4.13

If I ever need recovery, then these links likely help:


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Formulier SVB PGB voor IBAN-wijziging van een zorgverlener en zorgverleningsovereenkomst versies en met en zonder familie

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/05/17

LET OP! Per zorgverleningsovereenkomst, moet je OOK een zorgbeschrijving indienen: zorgbeschrijving naar zogkantoor, zorgverleningsovereenkomst naar zorgkantoor en SVB.

Buiten SVB om:

  • [WayBack/]¬†Zorgkantoor Zorg en Zekerheid: Zorgbeschrijvingen en zorgovereenkomsten:¬†Website van de Zorgkantoren Zuid-Holland Noord & Amstelland en de Meerlanden, met informatie over de AWBZ, het zorgaanbod in de regio, zorgverstrekking en eigen bijdrage, het persoons gebonden budget etc. Het zorgkantoor is verantwoordelijk voor de uitvoering van AWBZ-zorg in de regio.
    • Sinds 2014 geldt er een maximum tarief van ‚ā¨ 20,- per uur voor niet-professionele zorgverleners. Dit speciale tarief voor niet-professionele zorgverlening is van toepassing wanneer:
      • een ouder of familielid zorg levert, ook als deze hiervoor wel gediplomeerd is, of;
      • de zorgverlener niet beschikt over een zogenaamde BIG-registratie, of;
      • de zorgverlener of instelling niet is ingeschreven in het handelsregister als zijnde verlener van zorg.
    • Het speciale tarief voor niet-professionele zorgverleners geldt niet wanneer u al PGB genoot voor 2014.
  • [] PGB | Vraag en Antwoord | Deskundig | Gratis¬†D√© specialist persoonsgebonden budget (PGB) geeft (met 20 jaar ervaring) op deze pagina snel en correct antwoord op PGB vragen.


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Reset Linux Desktop To Default Settings With A Single Command – OSTechNix

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/05/16

To reset Ubuntu Unity or any other Linux desktop with GNOME/MATE DEs to its default settings, run:

dconf reset -f /

Source: [WayBack] Reset Linux Desktop To Default Settings With A Single Command – OSTechNix

I need to check if it works on OpenSuSE with XFCE as there the dconf command is installed, but I still have a default desktop (mainly because most of the work I do is using a terminal over ssh).


via:¬†[] Never thought about dconf reset… Joe C. Hecht – Google+

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Google old content posted before a specific date

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/05/15


  1. Start with something like¬†”did+you+hear+about+the+man”+”he%27s+0K+now”
  2. Clicking Tools followed by Any Time, then Custom range often does not show a dialog.
  3. Appending &tbs=qdr:y to the URL magically enables that popup:”did+you+hear+about+the+man”+”he%27s+0K+now”&tbs=qdr:y
  4. After filling it in, you get a very different URL like¬†”did+you+hear+about+the+man”+”he%27s+0K+now”&tbs=cdr:1,cd_min:,cd_max:01-01-2007

This is how I found the post in Did you hear about the man who got cooled to absolute zero? He’s 0K now.

I think cdr stands for custom date range and qdr for a built in date range as after searching for the abbreviations, I found [WayBack] Google Search URL Request Parameters | DETECTED that discusses tbm and tbo in addition to tbs.

The trick above is the successor of [WayBack] Filter Google Results by Date with a URL Trick which appended &as_qdr=d.


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