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Archive for the ‘eMail’ Category

Some notes on

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/12/01

Some notes, as I’m looking to a stable, simple to maintain email forwarding system that is also secure and – yes – can cost money.

I need to leave IT-infrastructure behind that is easy to maintain for my heirs.

Some links:

  • [] mausdompteur 💉 on Twitter: “Email! Yes, Email. Need to Set Email for a domain, basically forward only. Has anyone ever heard of Is it good? Any alternatives I should consider?”
  • [Wayback] The Best Free Email Forwarding Service for Custom Domains | Forward Email

    The best open-source and free email forwarding service for custom domains. We do not keep logs nor store emails. We don’t track you. Unlimited aliases, catch-alls, wildcards, API access, and disposable addresses. Built-in support for DKIM, SRS, SPF, ARC, DMARC, and more. No credit card required.

  • [Wayback] FAQ | Forward Email has a truckload of information, but the main points for me are these:

    What is the max email size limit

    We default to a 50MB size limit, which includes content, headers, and attachments. Note that services such as Gmail and Outlook allow only 25MB size limit, and if you exceed the limit when sending to addresses at those providers you will receive an error message.

    An error with the proper response code is returned if the file size limit is exceeded.

    What is the difference between Free and Enhanced Protection

    The Free plan requires you to use public DNS records to store your forwarding configuration. Anyone with a computer can lookup your forwarding configuration in a terminal if you are on the Free plan. Unlike the Free plan, the Enhanced Protection plan uses a cryptographically generated random string to store your forwarding configuration privately.

    Free Plan Enhanced Protection Plan forward-email-site-verification=m8d7o8K4Il
  • [Wayback] About | Forward Email with this very important point for me:


    We have a “zero tolerance policy” privacy policy, which states that we don’t store logs nor emails, and we don’t track users. Our statement clearly states that we do not collect nor store forwarded emails, metadata, server-side nor client-side logs, IP addresses, or browser information.

    Only an email address is required to create and configure the Enhanced Protection Plan, which hides DNS email alias information on the free plan through a managed and hosted service.

    User’s accounts, domains, and all related information can be permanently deleted at any time by the user.

  • [Wayback] Pricing | Forward Email (levels: free / enhanced protection / team / enterprise)

    Free email forwarding for domains with features including Custom Domain Email Forwarding, Disposable Addresses, Multiple Recipients, Wildcards, and more!

  • It’s open source too (written in JavaScript using Node.js), but running it requires you to keep up with versions and security: [Wayback/] forwardemail/free-email-forwarding: The best free email forwarding for custom domains. Visit our website to get started (SMTP server)


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The horrors of HTML email where there CSS

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/11/16

[] Kat Maddox on Twitter: “Who’s the CEO of emails I need to talk to him… “:

This is why dreamweaver still exists.

[] Kat Maddox on Twitter: “You don’t need a time machine to go back to the past. You just need to try to write HTML in emails. If I have to nest one more table, I’ll have gone back far enough to be able to warn people about the dot com bubble. Fuck it. I’m writing this newsletter in markdown”

Markdown with an HTML generator actually is quite a good way to get HTML emails going.

Another route is [Wayback] Foundation for Emails | A Responsive Email Framework from ZURB.

Oh remember this: [] StuAngel on Twitter: “rule of thumb “the mail clients are about 5 years behind in HTML support” – that was like 10 years ago and they have never gotten any better…”


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email file decoding: Encode/Decode Quoted Printable – Webatic

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/03/26

For my link archive: [WayBack] Encode/Decode Quoted Printable – Webatic.

It did a splendid job at decoding email files in MIME format Quoted-printable.


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Common SMTP message size limits

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/04/08

After a 2018 discussion with a “zorgkantoor” (Dutch for office that arranges for special long term health care needs, successor of AWBZ) about their very low (10 megabyte) SMTP message size limit – even though they expect scanned PDF documents.

Their web-care team posed this limit as normal, so I made a list of limits in their peer group, common world-wide and well-ranked Dutch internet providers.

My plan is to check the progression of these limits over time.

Note these are the bruto message sizes including encoded attachments. Since encoding in [WayBack] MIME Base64 – Wikipedia has a overhead of at least 37% (encoded size is at least 1.37 the original size), the unencoded maximum size is less than 73% of what is listed below.



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Posted by jpluimers on 2020/04/06

I found this in one of my logs a a while ago:

Error when executing EHLO command for domain on SMTP server
(554, ' (mxgmxus007) Nemesis ESMTP Service not available\nNo SMTP service\nBad DNS PTR resource record.\nFor explanation visit')

It means that / are among the strictest email handling providers I know. I don’t blame them: EHLO is at the start of an extended SMTP session.

At [WayBack] Error messages | GMX Postmaster it indicates:

5xy Bad DNS PTR resource record

Emails from your email server were rejected because the PTR Resource Record (PTR-RR) of your IP address does not follow our guidelines. Possible reasons for this can be:


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