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Change your ESXi machine’s network hostname, DNS information (and SSL certificate)

Posted by jpluimers on 2010/10/22

Since you do this only once per server, it is easy to forget (I do) where to specify the hostname of your ESXi server. describes in Change your host’s network name how easy it is in ESXi 3.x (and also how to change the DNS information and SSL certificate).

ESXi 4.x is very, but not completely, similar click on the image on the right to see a bigger version:

  1. Select the ESXi server in the tree view on the left
  2. Select “Configuration” in the horizontal list of tabs
  3. Select “DNS and routing” in the vertical menu (it is in the “Software” section)
  4. Select “Properties” link on the far up right in your screen
  5. In the dialog it is a bit counter-intuitive:
    – Make sure that “Use the following DNS server address” is selected
    – Fill in the hostname under “Name”
    – Optionally, fillin the “Domain” and “Look for hosts in the following domains”
  6. Press the “OK” button

So I won’t forget it next time :-)


One Response to “Change your ESXi machine’s network hostname, DNS information (and SSL certificate)”

  1. […] This is still the same as in via Change your ESXi machine’s network hostname, DNS information (and SSL certificate): […]

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