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Delphi Basics – worth a look!

Posted by jpluimers on 2010/10/27

Quite a while ago, Neil Moffat started the Delphi Basics site.

It is aimed at beginners, but since it has such a wealth of information (for instance a comprehensive list of compiler directives).
So even if you are a Delphi pro, it is worth to give Delphi Basics a look.

The cool thing: Neil originally is not even a programmer, nor a writer.
Maybe that is his strength: he learned by doing, step by step, now giving us a peak on what he learned.


via Delphi Basics.

8 Responses to “Delphi Basics – worth a look!”

  1. Jeroen,
    Go is indeed a fabulous game, far exceeding Chess in its multi-dimensional nature. Chess starts to look like a battle and Go a war of battles.

    You should try the KGS Go Server, a free and brilliant piece of software that connects Go players around the World. There are thousands of players logged on at any one time. There are teachers on there also. My id is CardiffGo – I can offer you a game if you see me there.

  2. Hi. I am the author of the Delphi Basics web site and thought it prudent to correct some misunderstandings.

    I was and am a programmer. I was just not familiar with Delphi. I wrote the site as I learned its syntax.

    And I am a writer now (search for Neil Moffatt on Amazon), mostly for the game of Go.

    But I am also an artist and cabinet maker … see my personal web site.

    • jpluimers said

      Hi Neil,
      Thanks for the correction.
      The game of Go is lovely! I learned it at high school, but haven’t played it for years: I wish there were more people around me that could play it :)

  3. […] The busiest day of the year was October 27th with 1 views. The most popular post that day was Delphi Basics – worth a look!. […]

  4. @jpluimers “sth” means “something”…

    @Norb depending on what your aiming to achieve with records you have to set the length of the string, for example if your trying to create a custom “database” you need to have a fixed size for strings BUT not necessarily, example:
    TMyAwesomeRecord = record
    FirstName: string[150]; // allocate 150 characters for First name
    LastName: string[50]; // allocate 50 characters for Last name
    szDescription: Integer; // this holds the length of the Description field
    Description: string; // the description itself
    NOW in order to write/read this record to/from a file you need helper methods which takes into consideration that szDescription field holds the length of Description(string) field and the description will be written after the record itself, NOTE that when you need to seek in the file the process is slower because you need to read the record structure FIRST and after that the Description field which has dynamic length.

  5. Norb said

    1.Basic field declarations
    These are standard Delphi variable declarations, such as :
    size : Integer;
    with the exception that their size must be defined. For example :
    description : string[20];
    because Delphi must know the precise amount of storage to allocate to that field in the record.

    Record “must” contain fixed size string?? Wow, sth. new to me ;) I’ve used fixed-size string more than 10y. ago for some ‘stupid’/small projects at school (to save records to file – phone book, library, etc ;). Now I would use sth. like that
    So far I’ve never need to use fixed-size String (only for some NT/Win API calls).
    Some time ago I’ve also saw on site that looked almost exactly like that one, saying that WideString’s are reference counted types…

    I see that “Neil originally is not even a programmer, nor a writer.”, but don’t let people learn Delphi Basics about such ‘basic things’ ;) so maybe it’s time to write sth. in Delphi to learn it in ‘real life’ =)

    • jpluimers said

      What’s “sth.”?

      You can use non-fixed strings in records, but you will have problems writing those records as blocks to a file.


      • Norb said

        Of course you cannot write record with String’s to a file/stream directly (copy one continuous piece of memory), but you are able to write it for example by that lib. from 1st. comment.
        At there is nothing about saving to file, and also if I would be a new at Delphi, I could think (because of “must” word) that only way to use string in record is to use fixed-size string’s/ShortString, but it’s obviously not true.

        See also:

        string1, string2 : WideString;
        // Assign a famous sentence to the first string
        string1 := 'Hello World';

        // Assign to the second string
        // This simply points string2 at string1
        // The 'Hello World' string storage has a reference count of 2
        string2 := string1;

        This would be true, but only for String/AnsiString/UnicodeString, but *NOT* for WideString (as they are allocated by ‘Windows’ – SysAllocString, and they are not reference counted – commonly used in OLE/ActiveX as a BSTR’s).

        PS. “sth.” -> “something” – I’m noob in English grammar/language… I could use that word/shortcut in ‘bad-meaning’, so sorry :(

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