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Archive for May 23rd, 2018

MMX – speed up your Delphi development, now maintained by Raabe Software

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/05/23

New home [WayBackMMX – speed up your Delphi development

Old home [WayBack] ModelMaker Tools

Thanks a lot to Gerrit Beuze for al the efforts and insights while he created and maintained MMX for such a long time

Thanks a lot to Uwe Raabe for taking over the maintenance and providing the binaries for free.

I have posted links to some archived site pages below, just in case anybody needs them (when QC went off-line after a while the Google Search failed to show search results for this; hopefully this will keep some of the information retrievable).

As a follow up to:


Archived links (in semi-random order) hopefully they survive the shutdown of the links:

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How does a relational database work – Coding Geek

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/05/23

An in-depth article that explains how a relational database handles an SQL query and the basic components inside a database.

Long read with good illustrations, worth every minute of your time: [WayBackHow does a relational database work – Coding Geek

Via: [WayBack] Quite interesting article not just about how to use relational databases but about how the various parts of them work. via +John Kouraklis – Thomas Mueller (dummzeuch) – Google+

As it is so long, here is the table of contents so you can get going:



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Delphi – when compiling consts doesn’t work…

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/05/23

Delphi has a lot of loose ends. With the extension of the language, it gets more and more. Or as Stefan Glienke formulated it:

It should all compile but it does not because currently what is a real const and what is a variable treated as const by the compiler is a f…ing mess and thus some combinations don’t work. If you have watched that C++ session recently posted here you know how const should be handled by a compiler in 2017.

[WayBack] The recent next gen compiler debate reminded me of this nice talk.This is about c++ but it shows off nicely what a high quality compiler can achieve in… – Christoph Hillefeld – Google+

Source [WayBackI don’t need a solution for this but wonder if Elements4 should compiles or not… – Paul TOTH – G+


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