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Archive for May 29th, 2018

Via G+: I’m having some trouble with high DPI support and popup menus…

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/05/29

Hopefully Uwe Raabe will publish his VCL patches soon: [WayBack] I’m having some trouble with high DPI support and popup menus (using Delphi 10.2.3). Everything scales correctly except for the popup menus which still … – Dominic De Chasteigner Dumée – Google+

HiDPI with VCL still needs quite a bit of work, even on running one monitor (mixing regular DPI and HiDPI monitors will likely always be a pain for any pixel based environment)…

Note figuring out errors is not always easy, as Delphi 2009 introduced the System.TMonitor record for thread synchronisation, next to the existing Forms.TMonitor class that had monitor settings.



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Use DelphiAST – via » Blog Archive » The Parsing Problem

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/05/29

Stefan Glienke Says:

FWIW DelphiAST is the most up to date parser for Delphi (at least that is open source) because Roman Yankovsky is fixing bugs in a timely manner and is using it for his own plugin (FixInsight) that needs to parse all kinds of source code. It is also derived from the Castalia parser but many fixes and changes have been applied since.

In addition, TestInsight (by Stefan Glienke) also uses DelphiAST and Stefan is quite well at bugging people fixing bugs in open source projects.

DelphiAST works from Delphi XE and up (parts might work in Delphi 2010 and 2009), so ancient Delphi is out.


via: [ » Blog Archive » The Parsing Problem

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Indy Sockets and getting a description on the connection depends on the direction

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/05/29

From my Indy gitter archive:

From a TIdIOHandlerSocket or TIdSocketHandle: is it possible to see who has initiated the connection? i.e. if it’s Binding.Peer that initiated to Binding.IP or the other way around?

A socket is bidirectional, it doesn’t know or care which direction the connection was initially established. You will have to keep track of that yourself based on whether the socket is coming from a client component or a server component.

I was afraid so. No problem: thanks for confirming.

So I made a helper class for TIdSocketHandle that gets you a SummaryString based on a direction enumeration: TIdSocketHandleHelper.



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