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Archive for the ‘ModelMaker Code Explorer’ Category

MMX Needs New Icons – Are You Willing To Help? – MMX

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/06/30

[WayBack] MMX Needs New Icons – Are You Willing To Help? – MMX:

I am pretty sure all of you already noticed: The current icons in MMX not only look a bit old, they also don’t look well on the Dark Theme. They are not alpha blended and are only available in 16 x 16 pixel size. This may become a problem when the IDE will support High DPI in the future.

Unfortunately the stock icons available in the market simply don’t fit the purpose of most of the individual icons needed, so custom designed icons seem to be mandatory.

I have been asked several times where people can donate to support the development of MMX. While I am still not planning to accept donations for the time I am going to invest in the development, donating for the icons is a good way to show your gratitude. If you are not a able or willing to donate – that’s OK. Anyway, please consider to spread the word about this.

Many thanks to all that already donated and those who are going to do so.

For those still looking for the link to the MoneyPool, here it is:


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On my research list: Delphi; automatically generate class body from interface definition

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/01/23

Still need to research this: [WayBack] I search for way to automatically generate class body from interface definition… – Jacek Laskowski – Google+


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Delphi – ModelMaker Code Explorer history lists in the registry

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/07/03

ModelMaker Code Explorer does not allow you to edit the “most recently used” items in that you can use in various places, but luckily these history lists are all in the registry as keys under this base key:


There # is the major version number of ModelMaker Code Explorer (internally named MideX).

Under the base key, you can find these keys:

  • ExternalSpac  not figured out yet
  • InterfaceSupport not figured out yet
  • Object PascalParameters list limited to 60 individual parameters (“Modifier Name: Type = Default”)
  • Parameters list limited to 60 parameter lists in the “Edit Method” wizard.
  • PascalTypeNames list limited to 60 variable types
  • PascalVarLookup list limited to 60 variables (each of form “Variable: Type”) used in the “Add Explaining Variable” wizard.
  • PropArray array indexes used in the property editor
  • PropDefaultSpec default values of properties in the property editor
  • PropWriteParam write parameters in the property editor
  • RenameLocal not figured out yet
  • ResStrExternalFile not figured out yet
  • Surrounds not figured out yet
  • UsedUnits list limited to 30 entries of the uses list editor

If you made a typo anywhere, then just edit or delete these entries.


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Getting the new MMX from Raabe Software to work when installing it as separate Administrative user

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/05/24

I have a policy to install software with a separate Administrative user, but develop with a normal non-Administrative user.

For some software, this creates problems, either because it cannot cope while running as a non-UAC user, or because they write their configuration (either on disk or in the registry) to the user that installed the software as opposed to:

  • write the configuration as a template to a generic place (like %ProgramData% or HKLM) then
  • apply that template when a user first runs the software

ModelMaker Code Explorer does the latter, of which I earlier wrote about in Fixing Unable to create ModelMaker Tools Shared Directory and Cannot create file “C:\HungarianTypeLookup.txt”. Access is denied..

Uwe Rabbe (who now maintains MMX) will fix this, but until then, you either will see no MMX menu entry at all, or get errors like the ones below.

Others have ran into them as well, so hopefully these steps will provide a fix for them as well, see

I think the best fix is for the installer to detect if it is being run as regular user or administrator, then decide upon those where to write in the registry. I’m not sure though how other Delphi experts handle this, so I am open on input from other parties.

Steps below are based on

No MMX in the Delphi menu at all

This likely means MMX is not registered in the registry for the current user.

Read the rest of this entry »

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GExperts – when your predecessor has put it under the Tools menu

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/03/21

I totally forgot that GExperts can be under the Tools men

GExperts IDE configuration

GExperts IDE configurationu (I’m so accustomed that Alt-X is GExperts and Alt-M is ModelMaker Code Explorer).

These keyboard shortcuts are only assigned when you install GExperts before you install ModelMaker Code Explorer.

If you reverse, then you have to fiddle by removing the ModelMaker Code Explorer expert, then re-add it.

Anyway: you can configure this in the “IDE” tab of the GExperts Configuration.

After that you have to restart the Delphi IDE to reflect the change.


Source: GExperts Help

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