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Fixing the WSDLImp command-line Delphi WSDL importer to parse WSDL files including XSD files using xsd:group at the top level

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/05/24

I finally found out the cause of the Delphi WSDL Importer generating wrong .pas files when the WSDL file includes an XSD file that uses an xsd:group (see below) at the top-level.

The resulting access violation was caused by forgetting a nil check for a Context (at the top-level it is nil because there is no encompassing type yet; xsd:group can be at the top-level).

There might also be other WSDL/XSD constructs leading to the same code path: a good set of WSDL/XSD combination would be needed for proper integration testing on this. Hopefully, Embarcadero has such a set.


All patches are at If you need a binary build that includes the patches, drop a comment below.

Before fixing, I had to get it building which required modifying the search path and output path (both see Delphi WSDL importer compiler defines). This is the first patch below (which results includes a huge .dproj change as that’s what the IDE does to a project when you change just a few simple things).

The second patch below is the fix.

The fix is to replace if (TypeDef.IsAnonymous) then by if (TypeDef.IsAnonymous) and Assigned(Context) then in side the function TWSDLTypeImporter.AddComplexType of WSDLImpWriter.pas.

After careful checking of the group handling (around etElementGroup, cmGroupRef,  xtiElemGroupIXMLElementGroup, IXMLElementGroups), no other fixes are needed as the rest of the xsd:group handling functions correctly at least for the WSDL/XSD combinations I had to import.

During fixing, I found some compiler defines would produce much more output. That output tremendously helped finding out if xsd:group handling was indeed correct.

In the third patch, I have added another modification that introduces a new -logall command-line parameter that enables all these in one go.

I have handed over the patches through internal channels in order to circumvent a long and tedious QC/QualityPortal process. Hopefully they will make it in the next major Delphi version.


Patches generated by following the steps in [WayBack] Generate a git patch for a specific commit – Stack Overflow:

git format-patch -1 <<commit-SHA>>

Command-line parameters

The WSDLImp has many command-line parameters, some of which are not accessible from the IDE expert. More information on these at:


An xsd:group contains a group of definitions. It is similar to a list of fields in a record/class/interface in Delphi that you can use in multiple record/class/interface definitions. The group only has a name at the XSD level, but not at the Delphi generated code level: there the group is expanded in each place it is used.

More information: [WayBack] xsd – How to use the xml schema group element – Stack Overflow




11 Responses to “Fixing the WSDLImp command-line Delphi WSDL importer to parse WSDL files including XSD files using xsd:group at the top level”

  1. manu said

    Many, many, many, many, many thanks ! I’ve finally found this post after having been searching everywhere for over a week to try to understand why I could not generate the code correctly. Your patches really saved me !!!!

  2. Werner said

    i tried to make the fixes – but my source files look different…

  3. Werner said

    It looks like new version of Delphi 10.3 still have not the patches included. I got the same errors. :-(

  4. Francisco Armando Dueñas Rodriguez said

    Hi Mr Jerone, I had the same issues regarding ‘group’, I have applied the patches you showd here, but I still had AV errors, I found another part where the ‘Context’ is nill, but is not tested if it is assigned, Is its located in the ‘TWSDLTypeImporter.AddSimpleType’ function, line 2500 aprox.

    if IsKnownType(TypeDef) then
    ItemInfo := [xtiKnownType];

    if (TypeDef.IsAnonymous) then <—

    So i added:

    if (TypeDef.IsAnonymous) and assigned(Context) then

    And all works perfectly

    I have shared the WSDL and the XSD files (they have path references so, the directory must be respected) so you can do also the tests and hope they can be submitted to embarcadero


    Many Thanks

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