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Delphi WSDL default importer settings

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/05/15

Note to self (as the WSDL importer has trouble with WSDL files that include XSD files having xsd:group definitions), the default settings of the importer in the UI:

-Oa -Od -Oe -Of -Oh -Oi -Oj -Oo -Op -Ot -Ou -Ov -Ox

This matches the output from the WSDLImp.exe default settings as well (larger screenshots below):

I suspect the reason is that the command-line importer does, but the wizard does not, show an exception during processing:

*Error*: D:\Playground\iECK DT2.0 services v2.1.1\xsd\ECK-DT2-CatalogServiceSchema-v2.1.1.xsd
> Access violation at address 0059DBA4 in module 'WSDLImp.exe'. Read of address 00000000
Done : D:\Playground\iECK DT2.0 services v2.1.1\wsdl\ECK-DT2-CatalogService-v2.1.1.wsdl>0
Writing: D:\Playground\iECK_ImportWSDL\ECK_DT2_CatalogService_v2.pas

Hopefully more on that later.

Both the IDE expert and console based WSDLimp will write the output .pas file and the output file of both tools has the same content.


[WayBack] XML Schema Tutorial – XSD Groups and Any Types –

This tutorial explains the use of Groups and Any Types within an XML Schema (XSD).

The groups:

The groups in use:



Embarcadero WSDLIMP Version 2.41 - $Rev: 86412 $
Copyright (c) 2010 Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.

Usage: WSDLIMP [options] 

 Language Generation Options:
  -C     Generate C++ code
  -P     Generate Pascal code

 Code Generation Options [ -option{+|-} default shown ]:
  -Oa+   Process nillable and optional elements
  -Ob-   Use Setters and Getters for properties
  -Od+   Generate destructors for remotable types
  -Oe+   Generate scoped enumerations
  -Of+   Import Fault Types
  -Og-   Generate interface GUIDs using COM API
  -Oh+   Import Header Types
  -Oi+   Generate warning comments
  -Oj+   Validate Enumeration members
  -Ok-   Map pure collections to wrapper class types
  -Ol-   Emit wrapper element Types
  -Om-   Allow out parameters
  -Oo+   One out parameter is return value
  -Op+   Process included and imported schemas
  -Or-   Generate alias for the element of pure collections
  -Os-   Generate server implementation instead of client proxies
  -Ot+   Do not emit unused types
  -Ou+   Unwrap wrapper elements (wrapped doc|lit services)
  -Ov+   Generate verbose information about types and interfaces
  -Ow-   Map String to WideString
  -Ox+   Generate class aliases as class types
  -Oz-   Use TXSxxxx classes for simple nillable types

 SOAP Version Options:
  Automatically determines SOAP version if not forced. (Recommended)
  -SOAP11   Process only WSDL Binding extensions for the SOAP 1.1 Protocol
  -SOAP12   Process only WSDL Binding extensions for the SOAP 1.2 Protocol

 File options:
  -D  Output directory path
  -=+       Output filename after '=' in URL
  @   Response file with list of WSDL

 Proxy/Server Authentication:
  -user:userName -pass:Password [-proxy:Proxy]


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