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permissions – Delphi – setting Full Control on Registry Key – Stack Overflow

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/05/02

One of those StackOverflow gems: permissions – Delphi – setting Full Control on Registry Key – Stack Overflow.


4 Responses to “permissions – Delphi – setting Full Control on Registry Key – Stack Overflow”

  1. Kent Morwath said

    Keep on throwing Windows security down the kitchen sink, and then keep on complaining Windows is vulnerable. Delphi developers should be forbidden to write Windows applications. Please just write Android apps, you have not a clue what Windows programming means. You’re dangerous. You can’t code, and that’s why you keep on using a tool no real programmer would use today.

    • jpluimers said

      Prove your statements please.

      • Kmorwath said

        Why should you ever grant everyone full control to a key in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE hive?? That’s the “root” registry hive, the “Administrators” registry hive, there are good reason why “everybody” don’t get full access there. If you had pointed out a good article about how changing registry permission – and not in a silly way, that would have been ok. Instead, it’s clear the OP has no clue about how Windows works and how its security is designed. Delphi developers? Still thinking in a Windows 3.1 or 95 way. They never grow up. Still little, little developers trying desperately to make their silly, outdated application working in a far more modern, more secure Windows. And if they hit their empty heads against some security wall, what do they attempt? Redesign their applications so they work properly in a properly secure Windows? Naaaaaah, they use administrative privileges to break Windows security so their outdated apps still works.
        Sure, Linux and OSX are more secure, probably because most developers there had learnt programming with systems that were already set with proper privileges and they had to learn to write proper application from the beginning (would you allow “everybody” get full access to “root” directory and files?), and don’t try to cheat making Windows unsecure instead of “modernizing” applications. It’s clear most Delphi developers are old ones who refuse to learn something new, Windows changes but they still think it’s 1995. Pathetic.

        • jpluimers said

          It doesn’t need to be the root key. And it isn’t about everyone. It’s all about how to format the strings to get the ACL, and assign just enough permissions to it to solve the issue at hand.

          I’ve seen enough people perform chmod 777 on Mac or *nix based systems just as I’ve seen plenty Windows developers opening their file system or registry security. Both groups wonder after a while why they got busted. It’s all about knowledge.

          The fun thing is that most older developers I know are far more aware of security consequences than young ones. Maybe I’m in different groups than you are, but these oldies have been around and bitten enough in the past so they think twice or thrice before opening up their systems.

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