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P2V of an existing XP machine to Hyper-V to have an emergency fallback when retiring old XP physical machines

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/04/27


  1. Put the SATA disk of the XP machine in a different one.
  2. Disk2Vhd on the new machine to create a VHDX of the XP hard disk.
  3. Install Hyper-V on the target Windows 8.1 machine (you need at least Pro for that).
  4. Setup the base VM directory.
  5. Setup a virtual network switch (decide if you want it to be internal, external or private, then bind it to a network adapter if needed).
  6. Add a new VM.
  7. Assign a new directory to it.
  8. Assign memory to it.
  9. Assign the virtual network switch to it.
  10. Save it.
  11. Edit the settings, then bind the DVD drive on the IDE controller 1 to C:\Windows\System32\vmguest.iso.
  12. Connect to the VM.
  13. Start it.
  14. If you get a stop 0x0000007B (usually because of SATA/AHCI issues), then read Jon’s Project Blog » disk2vhd using UBCD for Windows to solve the issue as there is no BIOS screen in Hyper-V that allows you to switch from AHCI to SATA and back.
  15. Note: you cannot perform UBCD4Win when you access the Hyper-V host through Microsoft Remote Desktop (the mouse will not work at all, and most keyboard shortcuts will not work either; Virtual Machine Connection Key Combinations with Hyper-V – Ben Armstrong – Site Home – MSDN Blogs does not apply).
  16. Boot.
  17. Register Windows (you might need to do extra work to go from OEM to Retail here).
  18. Remove hidden devices that are not used any more and their drivers.
  19. Setup a backup schedule.

Some links that helped me get at these steps:


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Building a better 3D printer (with software!) with OctoPrint’s Gina Häußge on the Hanselminutes Technology Podcast: Fresh Air for Developers

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/04/24

Interesting podcast:

Scott talks to Gina Häußge, creator of OctoPrint. In very short order OctoPrint has gone from a small side project to Gina’s full time open source job!

OctoPrint gives your 3D Printer:

  • a camera,
  • a print queue,
  • visualizers,
  • temperature control and
  • much more!

Gina shares her journey in this Maker episode.

You can even request new features.


via: Building a better 3D printer (with software!) with OctoPrint’s Gina Häußge on the Hanselminutes Technology Podcast: Fresh Air for Developers.

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PowerShell reads: links to coverage of One-Liners about PowerShell features (using, language, etc)

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/04/23

Boy, I wish I had read these PowerShell articles earlier:

  1. PowerShell One-Liners: Help, Syntax, Display and Files.
  2. PowerShell One-Liners: Variables, Parameters, Properties, and Objects.
  3. PowerShell One-Liners: Collections, Hashtables, Arrays and Strings.
  4. PowerShell One-Liners: Accessing, Handling and Writing Data.

Besides being in depth, the articles also contain a ton of examples all in this form:

Action Command Example
Basic help for x Get-Help cmd (cmd is a full name) help Get-ChildItem
Help in separate window Show-Command cmd; then select the help icon Show-Command Get-ChildItem


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Delphi XE8 things I learned from the second week of G+ reading

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/04/22

General XE8 news:

Components/tools/libraries updated to XE8:



Delphi XE8 things I learned from the first week of G+ reading « The Wiert Corner – irregular stream of stuff.

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Coding Kata videos: Bowling game

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/04/22

A long and shorter while ago, I wrote about practicing your coding and test driven development skills:

Here are some Coding Kata videos of the Bowling Game Kata in various languages and environments. Some of them are dumb (no audio) just like good practice usually is. Note: it helps to know a bit about 10 Pin Bowling Scoring rules.

And since I want to learn Haskell and have done a lot of Tic-Tac-Toe demos inthe past:

For more background information:


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