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Delphi – class helper to add for … in support for TComponent.Components / ComponentCount

Posted by jpluimers on 2009/05/07

You might have discovered that I’m a fan of Delphi class helpers.

This is another case where I’d like to use the for … in statement: accessing the Components of a TComponent instance.

So I wanted to end up with this:

procedure MyForm.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  Component: TComponent;
  for Component in Self do
  // business logic goes here

in stead of this:

procedure MyForm.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  Component: TComponent;
  ComponentIndex: Integer;
  for ComponentIndex := 0 to ComponentCount - 1 do
    Component := Components[ComponentIndex];
    // business logic goes here

As the core explanation is in my post on Delphi – adding for … in support to TPageControl I’ll just explain the main difference compared to that post:

function TComponentEnumerator.MoveNext: Boolean;
  Assert(FMaxValue = FComponent.ComponentCount - 1, 'ComponentCount changed during enumeration');
  // ...

This extra assertion (which I forgot in the TPageControlEnumerator) is to protect against changes in the underlying components.

So this is the full code:

unit ComponentHelperUnit;



TComponentEnumerator = class(TObject)
strict private
FMinValue: Integer;
FMaxValue: Integer;
FValue: Integer;
FComponent: TComponent;
constructor Create(const Component: TComponent);
function GetCurrent: TComponent;
function MoveNext: Boolean;
property Current: TComponent read GetCurrent;

TComponentHelper = class helper for TComponent
function GetEnumerator: TComponentEnumerator;


{ TComponentHelper }

function TComponentHelper.GetEnumerator: TComponentEnumerator;
Result := TComponentEnumerator.Create(Self);

{ TComponentEnumerator }

constructor TComponentEnumerator.Create(const Component: TComponent);
Assert(Assigned(Component), ‘cannot enumerate nil FComponent’);

inherited Create();

Self.FComponent := Component;
FMinValue := 0;
FMaxValue := Component.ComponentCount – 1;
FValue := FMinValue – 1;

function TComponentEnumerator.GetCurrent: TComponent;
Result := FComponent.Components[FValue];

function TComponentEnumerator.MoveNext: Boolean;
Assert(FMaxValue = FComponent.ComponentCount – 1, ‘ComponentCount changed during enumeration’);
Result := FValue <= FMaxValue; end; end. [/sourcecode] What you probably have guessed from my posts so far, is that I usually have small units. This is to keep myself focussed, and to make reuse easier. --jeroen

12 Responses to “Delphi – class helper to add for … in support for TComponent.Components / ComponentCount”

  1. […] Below is first the simplified code based on Enum.GetValues, which isn’t really nice because extension methods can only be run on instances (they can not be true static methods like class helpers in Delphi can): […]

  2. Basil said


    I know we can ovrride a method using Class Helper as below :

    TFormHelper = class helper for TCustomForm

    TFooHelper = class helper (TFormHelper) for TCustomForm
    procedure DoCreate; overload;


    procedure TFooHelper.DoCreate;
    inherited DoCreate;

    My doubt is : i have written above code to get fired for each form creation in my application. but it is not working correctly. can you please tell me what i miss here.. i wish the doCreate procedur of TCustom form get fired auto matically when a form creating in my application.

    many thanks

    • jpluimers said

      Since a class helper only works if it is visible, you have to make sure that for each form in your application, the TFormHelper is visible.
      You usually do that by including the unit of TFormHelper in the uses list for every form in your application.


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  7. I hope to make my next video on loops on TDataSets (using Class Helpers) based on a unit in Code Central (and one of the presentations in CodeRage III).

  8. gabr said

    TComponent already contains component-enumerating enumerator, at least in Delphi 2007.

    There is no control-enumerating enumerator in TWinControl, though. Some time ago I used a similar technique to implement it:

    • jpluimers said

      I know, and it is good you are the first one to notice.
      This blog was a first step to an enumerator that is a bit more complex.
      What I actually wanted todo (a blog is scheduled for next week) is this:

      for Component in Self.ComponentsOfType(TSQLQuery) do
      (Component as TSQLQuery).SQL[1] := FTableName;

      The solution is similar to what you did; so watch my blog next week :-)

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