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Delphi: Embarcadero RAD Studio Demos are on-line at sourceforge in an SVN respository

Posted by jpluimers on 2010/08/25

Be sure to watch the radstudiodemos project at sourceforge.

It contains the RAD Studio Demos from Embarcadero in this SVN repository.
Which means that the demos of the current RAD Studio version are there, and Embarcadero is filling  it with the Demos from the upcoming Delphi XE version.

In fact, quite a few Delphi XE demos have been checked in already.

John Kaster will put on the C# version of DbxUtils on-line there soon.


4 Responses to “Delphi: Embarcadero RAD Studio Demos are on-line at sourceforge in an SVN respository”

  1. Jens Borrisholt said

    Can you telle med how to to ?

    I open Delphi XE
    I go into the file menu then “open project from version control”
    Then I type this adress :

    When I press OK i get the answer : 200 OK

    Jens B

    • jpluimers said

      Sorry this took a while; somehow your comment ended up in the SPAM.

      Steps to get this working:

      1. Create this local directory: c:\temp\
      2. Start Delphi
      3. Press Ctrl-.
      4. Type “open project from version control”
      5. Select the first item
      6. Use this URL as SVN URL:
      7. Use this local directory: c:\temp\
      8. Press OK

      On my System (RAD Studio XE with updagte 1), this succeeds: it downloads all the files from SVN, then asks me with project or project group I want to open.

      If you replace with then you get this error message:

      OPTIONS of '': 200 OK (


  2. IL said

    do you know of any live streaming from DelphiLive event or keynote recording?

    • jpluimers said

      The RemObjects people have recorded some of the sessions. I assume that either RO-TV, or will post partial recordings.


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