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Delphi XE and RAD Studio XE got RTM and are available for ordering now

Posted by jpluimers on 2010/08/31

While writing this blog entry, I’m installing my new copy of Delphi XE (formerly called Delphi 2011 by some people).

Delphi XE and RAD Studio XE got RTM today, and are now available for purchase.

Contact my colleague Gwan Tan if you want to order it from Dutch speaking countries, and Thorsten Nannen if you want to order it from German speaking countries.From this Delphi and RAD Studio version on, the XE is now part of the product name – indicating the new family of Heterogeneous products from Embarcadero.
It signified heterogeneous across a broad level of areas: database, datasnap, interoperability, clouds, et cetera.
In the future, it will add a variety of OS platforms and architectures.

The XE versions also include new 3rd party tools and components, that each – depending on the Delphi XE product edition (professional/enterprise/architect) you choose – add extra functioality:

Check out the product feature matrix so see which features are in which edition.

If you order RAD Studio XE, you will get these products in addition to Delphi XE:


Links I kept:

9 Responses to “Delphi XE and RAD Studio XE got RTM and are available for ordering now”

  1. Prog.Hu said

    Natív 64-bites támogatás az új Interbase XE-ben…

  2. faozan said

    minta tolong gimana caranya meng-export data ke excel melalui borland delphi7….????

    • jpluimers said

      Please ask (or have someone translate your) questions in English, German or Dutch. Those are the languages that I can properly read myself.

  3. Ken Knopfli said

    Correction to above: 50 Swiss Francs, not Euro

  4. Ken Knopfli said

    Have they smoothed out the install procedure?
    Do you still need to install the .NET runtime?

    And do you still need to download separately the Windows
    installer version that came in SP3? (SP2 didn’t work,
    despite the requirements list claiming it did)

    It took several e-mails to support before I discovered
    that – and I worked it out for myself in the end. Support
    wasn’t helpful. Annoying to pay 50 Euros extra for the DVD
    edition and you still need to go to an Internet Cafe because
    stuff is missing.

    • jpluimers said

      Since the introduction of the Galileo based IDEs, the .NET run-time and the J# run-time support are required.

      The installation went smoothly, though I didn’t check if it needed any downloads: I just kick of the install in a VM, go do other work, and wait for it to finish.

      Since I always have the latest SPs and updates installed anyway, it just worked here (Windows XP, SP3, all patches installed).


      • Ken Knopfli said

        “Since the introduction of the Galileo based IDEs…”

        They rewrote the entire IDE in .NET? Oh, no.

        I guess that means we cannot claim Delphi is written in Delphi anymore.

        • jpluimers said

          Please don’t jump to conclusions.
          .NET and J# required for parts of the IDE, they did not rewrite the complete IDE.


      • Ken Knopfli said

        Ah, I see.

        Because I seem to remember reading somewhere, it was only the Version Control section that needs J#/.NET

        On the other hand, the strange behavior with the divider always moving when you resize the property grid window is a typical .NET issue.

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