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Archive for November 9th, 2010

More on Delphi x64 by twitter kylix_rd (Allen Bauer)

Posted by jpluimers on 2010/11/09

As a continuation of the previous assembly, the new twitter kylix_rd messages on Delphi x64 (and some reactions by Danny Thorpe):

To save people from browsing Twitter history:


Interesting x64 fun fact: RIP relative addressing. Some instructions that use a 32bit offset, are interpreted as [RIP+offs].
7 nov

@danny_thorpe Add x64 and it happens even more.
7 nov

Because of the way the Intel instructions are encoded, it is possible to encode the same effective instruction in different ways.
7 nov

You know what would have made the x64 “REX” prefix moniker even better? They could have called it T-REX.
7 nov

As much as people like to deride the aging x86 architecture, I gotta admit that AMD did a fine job of stretching it into 64bit land.
7 nov

@davidheff Undetermined. There are plenty of reasons to deliver them separately. Either way will have no impact on the results.
2 Nov

Be ready for 64 bit: In Delphi XE, this “Component.Tag := NativeInt(Self);” will just recompile in 64 bit.
2 Nov

@davidheff Oh don’t worry… there will be plenty who will find that “limiting”, if only in concept and not in the real world :-)
2 Nov

x64 Fun Fact: JMP opcodes/offsets are identical to 32bit. Can only xfer control to an address +/- 2GB away. Thus the PE image size limit.
2 Nov


@kylix_rd I remember digging through the x64 specs. Fun times til mgmt shut it down. Still have my Amd x64 laptop circa 2003 or so.
8 nov

@kylix_rd You just noticed? :P
8 nov


@kylix_rd is it still on course to be a cross-compiler as announced by Nick – single 32 bit compiler that can create 32 and 64 bit images
from Stavanger, Rogaland
2 Nov Favorite Retweet Reply

@kylix_rd Actually, I wonder whether the compiler wouldn’t give out first at such a monstrous demand
from Stavanger, Rogaland
2 Nov

@kylix_rd Think most of us should be able to avoid creating 2GB images!!!!
from Stavanger, Rogaland
2 Nov


via Allen Bauer (kylix_rd) on Twitter
Danny Thorpe (danny_thorpe) on Twitter
David Heffernan (davidheff) on Twitter

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