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Archive for January 14th, 2011

SEO guys taking over Google results: Search Filter and Stackoverflowizer Chrome extension

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/01/14

Over at least the last year, I keep adding more and more “site:domainname” clauses to my Google search queries because somehow content scrapers somehow rank higher in the Google results than the original content.

Some domainnames I often used because of good content:


Others too noticed the SEO guys are steadily taking over Google results: Jeff Atwood just wrote a great article on this topic (with an even greater list of comments), and there is even a Stackoverflowizer app redirecting back from the scrape sites back to the content!

The world upside down, but maybe this is some good news:
an opportunity for other search engines to fill the gap.
And it looks like they do, and Vivek Wadhwa wrote a nice article on those too.

There is an opportunity for browser extensions too, so here are some Google Chrome extensions:

Be prepared to fill your machines with some more memory as browser plugins do eat some.


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