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Archive for April 27th, 2011

Some notes on BASS (re)encoding and tagging audio files

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/04/27

When (re)encoding files through BASS:

  1. always make sure you either have RAW PCM format source; decode back from anything else back to RAW PCM if you have compressed sources; this BassEncoder.EncodeFile thread explains why.
  2. not all of the BASS encoder classes support tagging with artist/title; use external tools for that; this message explains which encoders (partially) support tagging.
  3. often it is not possible to find the encoder that both encodes the audio in the quality level you want, and supports the tagging you want, so you definitely need to look at the above mentioned tagging tools.
  4. if you want to play lots of files in random succession, it is wise to calculate ReplayGain and apply it: it makes your files sound equally loud: note this is not wise if you want to play full albums, but is wise for playing random tracks. This ReplayGain thread can provide you with a start.
    You can do gain correction with BASS, or opt for external gain tools on


PS: more on Audio correctionň

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