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Archive for March 16th, 2012

Finaly, Audacity 2.0.0 is there (via: Release Notes 2.0.0 – Audacity Wiki)

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/03/16

Finally, Audacity made it to version 2.0.0.

From their release notes:

Changes between 1.3.14 and 2.0.0

Bug fixes


  • Fixed playback speed and synchronization problems when dragging clips or tracks between tracks having different sample rates.
  • (Windows) Removed a crash risk where shortcuts could be used to record or import in one project while importing or exporting in another.

Imports and Exports

  • Fixed crashes when changing the sample format of read-directly WAV or AIFF files using the Track Drop-Down Menu.
  • Fixed a crash importing MP3 files that had duplicate metadata tags (this is a bug in current libsndfile which has been patched in Audacity; MP3 files mislabeled as WAV which have duplicate tags will still crash Audacity on Linux if Audacity has been compiled against an affected version of system libsndfile).
  • Fixed an issue where excessively high or corrupted sample values in the audio could corrupt exports from the start of the problem for the rest of the file, and could corrupt the rest of the project.
  • (Linux) Fixed Audacity could not be compiled against FFmpeg 0.7.x and 0.8.x.

Effects and Analysis

  • Fixed crash on launch when using “Ambisonic Decoders (PC)” VST plug-ins and other plug-ins that enable additional floating point exceptions.
  • Fixed Plot Spectrum background could be transparent on some machines.
  • Bug fixes for Click Track, High Pass, Low Pass and Vocal Remover.
  • Chirp, Tone and Silence generators now remember their settings.

Other miscellaneous bug fixes

Changes and Improvements

  • New Interface preference to show the track name in the display (this is off by default).
  • Longer default Playback preference for effects preview and preview before cut.
  • Restored use of Page Up and Page Down to scroll horizontally.


via: Release Notes 2.0.0 – Audacity Wiki.

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Start a New Line Inside a Spreadsheet Cell in Excel | Excel Semi-Pro

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/03/16

Unlike most tools where you use Shift-Enter to add a line break character (ASCII 10: line feed), Excel is different:

Sometimes it’s necessary to have more than one line inside a worksheet cell, which is easily done with a line break.

Add a new line by holding down the Alt key while you press enter. It’s the keyboard shortcut Alt+Enter. In Excel 2008 and 2011 for Mac use Cmd+Option+Enter.


via: Start a New Line Inside a Spreadsheet Cell in Excel | Excel Semi-Pro.

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