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autoscrolling memo in delphi – Stack Overflow

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/04/03

Just found this great answer by vcldeveloper to autoscroll a readonly logging memo in Delphi which works from Delphi 1 and up (:

For such a simple task, you don’t need to buy a commercial component! All you need to do is to send an EM_LINESCROLL message to that memo control, to make it scroll to the last line:

procedure ScrollToLastLine(Memo: TMemo);
  SendMessage(Memo.Handle, EM_LINESCROLL, 0,Memo.Lines.Count);

If your memo is read-only to users and is updated automatically by the application, you can put a call to the above procedure in its OnChange event-handler, so that whenever the text inside the memo is changed, it is automatically scrolled down to the last line.


via: autoscrolling memo in delphi – Stack Overflow.

9 Responses to “autoscrolling memo in delphi – Stack Overflow”

  1. Nice!

  2. Stefan said

    Does this not work for you, which also works for RichEditMemos etc?


  3. sckfjsdhfjk said

    i was wondering if there is a way to auto scroll the memo in a human reading pace?

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