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PowerShell aliases (via: Top Ten PowerShell Aliases for DOS Commands)

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/02/26

In most programming environments, I tend to avoid abbreviations, especially since command-completion and parameter-completion makes it easier to write readable code.

Same fore PowerShell: the PowerShell ISE has great completion features.

Other people tend to use abbreviations, especially since many PowerShell aliases make it easier for people coming from a cmd or bash background.

Two Get-Alias commands I use quite often for researching aliases:

  • Get-Alias -Definition <name>
  • Get-Alias | Sort-Object Definition

The former gives you the CmdLet for an alias.
The latter all defines alises sorted by the CmdLet definition.

Two aliases that I tend to avoid are these:

While you are at it, there are also parameter aliases. Read Weekend Scripter: Discovering PowerShell Cmdlet Parameter Aliases on TechNet Blogs to learn more about these.


via: Top Ten PowerShell Aliases for DOS Commands.

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