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Archive for February 9th, 2014

Android: manually install Google Play Services 4.2.39 so AllCast and others can stream to Chromecast

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/02/09

Over the years, Google Play Services has started to play a much bigger role, arguably more important than the Android version (also making it impossible to fork Android: Neither Microsoft, Nokia, nor anyone else should fork Android. It’s unforkable. | Ars Technica).

This shows again with the publication of the new Google cast SDK with public Chromecast support release last weak (I think the SDK name being broader than Googlecast means there will be much more to come in the feature).

Though most current Android users are still at version 4.1.32 of the Google Play Services, Google is rolling out a 4.2.39 version to enable that SDK. After it has rolled out to enough devices, then the Play Services library version 15 part of the SDK will be released for Android as well (which will complement the existing support for the iOS and Chrome platforms).

The odd thing: it looks like *some* developers already have this SDK, as AllCast already has been updated and it does not work with Google Play Services 4.1.32, but it does work with Google Play Services version 4.2.39. Below I show you how I tested this, and how to manually upgrade your Android device to use Google Play Services 4.2.39. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jonas Bandi – Google+ – Blogged: Not happy with Agile, but why?

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/02/09

Yesterday there was this interesting post from Jonas Bandi – Google+ – Blogged: Not happy with Agile, but why?.

The content of his post is the opposite the title suggests: most developers love Agile, but it often is highly incompatible of management in bigger companies.

Well balanced post, much worth reading it.


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