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Optimizing Delphi build speeds (via; Vin Colgin – Google+; IDE FixPack; DelphiSpeedUp, Microsoft KBs with speed fixes)

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/03/23

An interesting thread by Vin Colgin – Google+ – IDE FixPack 5.4.1 shows 36.5% increase in BUILD speed under….

The post and discussion covers these topics:


9 Responses to “Optimizing Delphi build speeds (via; Vin Colgin – Google+; IDE FixPack; DelphiSpeedUp, Microsoft KBs with speed fixes)”

  1. Kibab said

    Here are my tests on IDEFixPack with XE5.2:
    – Without IDEFixPack – (2m 2s)
    – With IDEFixPack – (25s)
    So here I have almost 5x improvement!

    Previously we used D2009, and IDEFixPack made build about 2x faster, however without IDEFixPack build time was about 45-50s, and with IDEFixPack 20-22s – so in my case XE5 without IDEFixPack is *unusable*.
    Not mention that after 2-4 builds, XE5 runs ‘Out of memory’ (which doesn’t happened on D2009).

    All tests on: i5-2500K, 16GB RAM, SSD (D2009+os+src is on OCZ-VERTEX3, XE5+os+src is on Corsair Neturon GTX). Win7Pro fully updated, but without extra hotfixes, with Windows Defender, but bds.exe and source directories excluded from scanning.

    PS. “for older Delphi < XE version…" – I think that it should be "for older Delphi < 2009 version…"

    • jpluimers said

      Thanks. Fixed the <XE.

      To work around the out of memory issues, try DDevExtensions. It allows to “release compiler unit cache” which solved my memory issues.

      • Kibab said

        Thanks, but I have already tried ‘Release compiler cache…’ – same problem.
        My workaround for it is to avoid Build and use Compile (it’s also raises OOM, but after many more runs).

        In D2009 I had to make always Build, because Compile *always* failed with errors (100/100 after any code change).
        XE5 fixed it somehow, it succeeds about 9/10 times.

        I have single project in solution, with about 1600 units in .dpr, exe after compile have ~52MB, DCU dir ~88MB.

    • Kibab said

      Updated links to screenshots (previously was without public permission)

  2. Petar said

    The link to Microsoft Update Catalog points to the “Thanks” webpage ;)

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