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Archive for November 20th, 2014

How do I test an interface? Should I even do that? | Software on a String

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/11/20

Please someone add the Software on a String blog to DelphiFeeds (:

Great article on testing implementations of interfaces in a generic way. With examples in NUnit and DUnit.

How do I test an interface? Should I even do that? | Software on a String.

And then Stefan Glienke made a great comment at making the DUnit implementation even easier:

But even if you go without that extra base class the cool thing is that you don’t need to restrict your classes to be a TInterfacedObject but specify the interface they need to implement (yay, compiletime type safety) and then you can get rid of the Supports call and directly assign the result of the ctor call to the sut variable.


Stefan’s code:

Read the rest of this entry »

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Delphi prebuild/prelink/postbuild events

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/11/20

Ever since the Delphi build engine got changed to MS Build in Delphi 2007, many people use Delphi build events. Their order is prebuild, prelink and postbuild (or maybe better spelled pre-build, pre-link and post-build).

Before Delphi 2007, you had to fiddler with project groups and dependencies to fake pre-build and post-build events. For an example see Pre and Post-Build Automation in Delphi.

One of the really good things about these events is that build events appear in the output tab of the messages window.

One of the really bad things is that there is hardly any documentation about the build events.

At least two important things are missing:

  1. How the lines of a build event are actually executed
  2. How parameter expansion works inside build events

Let’s explain these. Read the rest of this entry »

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