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Archive for November 5th, 2014

Windows software developers – High DPI awareness: the developer Y2K (or is it EUR introduction) of our time.

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/11/05

An interesting statement by Steve Maughan:

Looking at how many High DPI awareness or lack of is the developers Y2K of our time.

Looking at the trouble Windows and Windows applications in general have with High DPI (more in general: resolution independence). I think it rates even higher: as the EUR introduction problem of our time.

What do you think?


via High DPI awareness is must have feature for XE8. Not only for Delphi IDE, but….

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Accessing the ESXi Direct Console User Interface DCUI via SSH – Wahl Network

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/11/05

I just learned (thanks Chris Wahl!) about the dcui command: often easier to configure basic parameters than the other UIs.

The DCUI is normally available from the console after you login, for instance to enable SSH.

This was new to me:

DCUI is available over SSH.

Even more embarrassing: duic has been actually there since ESXi 4.1 (:


via: Accessing the ESXi Direct Console User Interface DCUI via SSH – Wahl Network.

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Delphi; Conditional defines in the .dpr: FastMM4 disappearing – via: G+ I’ve got an old problem, in which the IDE…

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/11/05

Vin Colgin posted on G+:

The kind of text that the Delphi IDE often removes in a .dpr file.

The kind of text that the Delphi IDE often removes in a .dpr file.

FastMM4 and lines in the *.dpr

I’ve got an old problem, in which the IDE will take the lines required out of the “uses” clause in the *.dpr. Something I’m sure we’re all aware of, but is there a solution to keep it from doing it?

The comments indicate the problem is less severe in more recent Delphi versions:

Daniela Osterhagen Actually it has become much better. The IDE doesn’t meddle as much with the DPR files as it used to.

One option for solving this issue is adding a new unit as the first entry that permanently stays there and moving the ifdef to that unit.

That’s what I did a long time ago and even put on-line, and even put it on-line at CodePlex as FastMM4BootstrapUnit.pas (now moved to bitbucket as FastMM4BootstrapUnit.pas). Too bad CodePlex and BitBucket are not indexed on Google, so I commented this:

I’m using a FastMM4BootstrapUnit for that at the top of my DPR; it  looks like this […]

It will eventually end up at my repository any way.Let me know if you need it there soon, and I can probably get something published after the Entwickler Konferenz next week.

So various people are now using this:

  • Vin Colgin:  very nice. Thanks for the tip!
  • Warren Postma: This works fine for me in xe6 and up.
  • Bruce McGee: Nice. May I steal this? And by “steal”, I mean giving credit in the code comments.

Since I could use this unit during my EKON 2014 talk about Delphi Unit Testing, I expedited the publication:

And explained the usage in this Unit testing session session materials.

Note: this file isn’t indexed either (as BitBucket doesn’t allow it), but since the repository will be git based in the foreseeable future anyway, I can then move it to GitHub which does allow Google to crawl the master branch.


via FastMM4 and lines in the *.dpr I’ve got an old problem, in which the IDE….

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PowerShell: 3 ways of `not` (except `not` itself: that doesn’t work) via Stack Overflow

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/11/05

Thanks Ryant for posting this answer, which I’ve paraphrased a bit:

not itself is not a boolean operator in PowerShell.

The reason is that PowerShell borrows a lot from *nix history, and this has been in *nix forever.

So there are 3 ways of negating a boolean, all equivalent: Read the rest of this entry »

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