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PowerShell: 3 ways of `not` (except `not` itself: that doesn’t work) via Stack Overflow

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/11/05

Thanks Ryant for posting this answer, which I’ve paraphrased a bit:

not itself is not a boolean operator in PowerShell.

The reason is that PowerShell borrows a lot from *nix history, and this has been in *nix forever.

So there are 3 ways of negating a boolean, all equivalent:


if (-Not (Test-Path C:\Code)) {
    write "it doesn't exist!"


The exclamation mark (!) is an alias for -Not.

if (!(Test-Path C:\Code)) {
    write "it doesn't exist!"

-bxor 1

Just for fun, you could also use bitwise exclusive or -bxor, though it’s not the most readable/understandable method.

if ((test-path C:\code) -bxor 1) {
    write "it doesn't exist!"


-not is the only logical operator that comes with an alternate and operators cannot be aliased.


The exclamation mark is the only aliased boolean operator.

Further reading

(see help about_Logical_Operators and help about_Comparison_Operators),


via: windows – How do I negate a condition in powershell? – Stack Overflow.

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