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Archive for September 30th, 2015

Visual Studio: Zoom Out when ReSharper has captured Ctrl+Shift+,

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/09/30

ReSharper has a whole set of nice keyboard shortcuts, which includes Ctrl + Shift + , for View Recent Edits.

This overwrites the Zoom Out half of the default Visual Studio zoom keyboard shortcuts (thanks Carlos Muñoz):

Ctrl + Shift + . to zoom in and Ctrl + Shift + , to zoom out.

They don’t keep an alternative for Zoom Out, and unlike most tools I know that allow for zooming, there is no keyboard accessible menu entry for Zoom Out in Visual Studio.

So you have to use your mouse to go in the lower left of your editor window in order to Zoom Out (thanks ashteele for putting that in an SO question):

Zoom percentage in the lower left of your Visual Studio editor Window

Or you can reconfigure the old shortcut (thanks Aaron Ransley):

through Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Keyboard and map “View.ZoomIn” and “View.ZoomOut


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