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BorCon 97, 20 years ago, Star Wars, 40 years ago

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/07/13

Marco Cantu (right) and Jeroen Pluimers (left) in 1997

Marco Cantu (right) and Jeroen Pluimers (left) in 1997

The BorCon 97 opening – today 20 years ago – was so much fun: the a Star Wars like opening crawl about a tiny company fighting the – then regarded – Evil Empire called Microsoft.

It was back in the days when lots of new things in the Delphi world were happening: Delphi 2 – the first 32-bit version – came out half a year before and the upcoming Delphi 3 was going to be a game changer as well. New features were rock solid and sales were booming.

Personally, I was much slimmer (yes, that’s me in the Tie-Dye), and could do a pre-conference tutorial on CORBA and VisiBroker (The ORB by Visigenic which was about to be acquired by Borland – which now is owned by Micro Focus only after spinning of the CodeGear which got acquired by Embarcadero that is now owned by Idera which feels like the Inprise story all over again).

I got triggered to this after watching the Opening Night Excitation episode 194 of the Big Bang Theory:

This post wouldn’t be complete without showing the Opening Crawl of the original 1977 Star Wars movie: I totally forgot how good shots back then were.


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