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Archive for August 10th, 2017

Experiments in Uniform Memory Management – grijjy blog

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/08/10

TL;DR of [WayBackExperiments in Uniform Memory Management – grijjy blog:

the closest we can get to uniform memory management is to use object interfaces

The reason is that cross platform memory management in Delphi is a mess.

Via: [WayBackErik van Bilsen – Google+ I share some results of my quest for a uniform memory management model across all platforms. For some reason, it also touches on old-school linked lists and new-school messaging…



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Delphi Error: E1026 File not found: ‘Controls.res’ – Google Search

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/08/10

As since E1026 is [WayBackdocumented as x1026 since Delphi 2007 probably because it can manifest itself as W1026 as well, I thought Delphi Error: E1026 File not found: 'Controls.res' also be related to F1026: When the Delphi XE5 commandline compiler fails with error F1026: File not found: ‘False.dpr’

But it wasn’t.

Then I thought it might have to do with Unit Scope names.

Often an upgrade of a pre-XE2 project where old names of units (like Controls [no WayBack]) were used in stead of Unit Scoped [WayBack] prefixed units (like Vcl.Controls [WayBack]) wrongly makes the Unit Scope Names list in Project > Options > Delphi Compiler empty.

Such an empty list causes the normal mapping of unit name to scoped unit name as described in Unit Names Alphabetical List with Unit Scopes [WayBack] to fail. That results in a F2613 Unit ‘%s’ not found [WayBack] or rarely a F1027 Unit not found ‘%s’ or binary equivalents (%s) (Delphi) [WayBack].

So that wasn’t the cause either.

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Using BC4 OSX with Version Control Systems

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/08/10

A great thread about Using BC4 OSX with Version Control Systems, -Tools and IDEs.

Some highlights:


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