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Archive for December 4th, 2017

Delphi tip of the day: {$WARN UNSUPPORTED_CONSTRUCT ERROR} to get rid of W1025 when using an undeclared attribute

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/12/04

Delphi tip of the day:


It will throw a compiler error when you use an attribute that isn’t defined as the above [WayBackturns a warning into an error as normally [WayBackUNSUPPORTED_CONSTRUCT is only a warning.

Which means that this code now fails:

  TmyClass = class
    procedure One;

Thanks [WayBack] +Agustin Ortu for posting this tip!

I wish I had known this when I found the G+ post leading to On turning “W1025 Unsupported language feature: ‘customattribute’” into a compiler error.




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coinmon: In case you don’t want to install 61 packages [1] :)

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/12/04

via: [WayBack] Hacker News – coinmon: In case you don’t want to install 61 packages [1] :) and [WayBack] The curl + jq based approach to check Bitcoin prices looks a bit more attractive than using a node.js package with 61 dependencies, doesn’t it? Source:… – ThisIsWhyICode – Google+

Function to call curl from bash:

    $ coinmon() {
    >     curl "$1" | jq ".[0] .price_$1"
    > }

    $ coinmon eur

Or in Python (from the same HackerNew thread): []

#!/usr/bin/env python3

from urllib.request import urlopen
from decimal import Decimal
import json

def print_coin(coin):
    print("{} ticker:".format(coin["name"]))
    print("Price: {:,} EUR".format(Decimal(coin["price_eur"])))
    print("Market cap: {:,} EUR".format(Decimal(coin["market_cap_eur"])))

r = urlopen("")
coins = json.loads("utf8"))

for coin in coins:
    if coin["id"] in ("bitcoin", "ethereum", "ripple", "monero"):


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