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Archive for December 21st, 2017

QCScraper ClientDataSet XML dump results – archive of

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/12/21

Since I’m pressed for time, but didn’t want to wait until putting the dumps on-line, below is a rendering of my gist QCScaper ClientDataSet XML dump results –

Wishing everybody a great holiday season!

This gist contains two QCScaper XML dumps of the content taken a few days after it came up.

There are four files: two files per dump (both in plain downloaded format as well as formatted with tidy -xml -utf8 for easier comparison, for instance with Beyond Compare).

Each file is compressed uzing 7-zip as the original files would each exceed the 100 megabyte gist size limit; please see

There are slight differences because of the internal QC architecture, which you can for instance see in issue #7788

Hopefully I will find some time later to blog about this in a better way.

Related links:

Entries I still need to look at:



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Reminder to self – proposals for Delphi Language Enhancements, a year later

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/12/21

About a year ago, Vincent Parret proposed many [WayBackDelphi Language Enhancements that a lot of developers feel long overdue.

It sprouted a nice G+ discussion at [WayBack] Blogged – Delphi Language Enhancements – Vincent Parrett – Google+

Now this post is a reminder for myself to check out how Idera lived up to the promises they made in that thread.

Evaluation time…

I just found out that Vincent beat me a few days before I scheduled my post (I wrote my post about a year ago): [WayBackJust over a year ago, I wrote a blog post where I listed some ideas for enhancing the Delphi language… – Vincent Parrett – Google+

Recommended reading.

Oh BTW: in that thread there was a cool way simulating interface helpers by hardcasting an interface to a record having only one field typed as the interface:

[WayBack[Delphi] Interface helper proposal – By Stefan Glienke. Who else (:

In addition, Allen Bauer chimed in with some great insights.

Finally Document Insight author [WayBack] Baoquan Zuo – G+ posted with more suggestions:

I would suggest Embt consider introducing standard function NameOf and interface helper. These two features will fundamentally changes a lot of things with “minimum” cost.

His thread too has some really nice comments.


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Another case against FreeAndNil

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/12/21

I started this post as “A case against FreeAndNil” but soon found out about [WayBack/Archive.isA case against FreeAndNil – Community Blogs – Embarcadero Community.

Recently I was refactoring a bunch of code that was classed based to become interface based.

The old code had a lot of references to classes like this:

FMyField: TMyClass;

The compiler had detected those as compiler errors so now they were like this:

FMyField: IMyInterface;

But the compiler would still happily compile code (for instance in destructors) containing:


The only way that FreeAndNil can be implemented is with an untyped var parameter:

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