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Trying to get golang working on a new system I learned a few things…

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/12/04

From a G+ post a while ago, but they still hold after seeing much more golang projects: [WayBack] Trying to get golang working on a new system I learned a few things today: … – Jeroen Wiert Pluimers – Google+

This is too bad as it indicates a lot of golang programmers are not that aware of maintaining projects for the longer term, nor about the real meaning of cross platform over time.

  • many golang developers have a hate relationship towards non-standard systems, especially Windows, likely because history has not proven to them yet that systems over time are distinctly different, even in the same family of operating systems
  • much golang tooling radiate “showing progress or logging is for whimps, it it takes time, wait, or watch a process monitor like ps, task manager or activity monitor), like for instance this issue that has been open for a year [WayBack]
  • few golang developers understand that there are older versions of make (especially the Borland one) with different syntaxes. The ones that do not, sort of get mad, failing to understand developing software is 80+% maintenance, meaning keeping old stuff around so you are sure you can build things depending on that old stuff.
  • many of the Makefile entries are filled with bashisms which makes it hard to use with different shells

Fun: [WayBack] Capitalization of GoLang should actually be golang. It’s also not automatic… | Hacker News


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