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git – How to integrate UML diagrams into GitLab or GitHub – Stack Overflow

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/12/05

Note that as of somewhere in 2022, GitLab now natively supports PlantUML (even embedded in files like markdown and asciidoc), so here are the updated saved links to the StackOverflow question below: [Wayback/Archive]

Interesting solution: [WayBack/Archive] git – How to integrate UML diagrams into GitLab or GitHub – Stack Overflow (thanks [Wayback/Archive] joanq and [Wayback/Archive] Fuhrmanator)

GitLab support for PlantUML



  • [Wayback/Archive] Snippets | GitLab
  • [Wayback/Archive] PlantUML and GitLab | GitLab

    When the PlantUML integration is enabled and configured in GitLab, you can create diagrams in snippets, wikis, and repositories. This integration is enabled on for all SaaS users and does not require any additional configuration.

    After completing the integration, PlantUML converts plantuml blocks to an HTML image tag, with the source pointing to the PlantUML instance. The PlantUML diagram delimiters @startuml/@enduml aren’t required, as these are replaced by the plantuml block:

    • Markdown files with the extension .md:
      Bob -> Alice : hello
      Alice -> Bob : hi

      For additional acceptable extensions, review the languages.yaml file.

    • AsciiDoc files with the extension .asciidoc.adoc, or .asc:
      [plantuml, format="png", id="myDiagram", width="200px"]
      Bob->Alice : hello
      Alice -> Bob : hi
    • reStructuredText
      .. plantuml::
         :caption: Caption with **bold** and *italic*
         Bob -> Alice: hello
         Alice -> Bob: hi

      Although you can use the uml:: directive for compatibility with sphinxcontrib-plantuml, GitLab supports only the caption option.

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