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Archive for May 23rd, 2019

The red zone, is why you want immutable constructs

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/05/23

Most code I come across is in the red zone, exactly depicting why you want immutable constructs. Immutable constructs will never end-up in the red zone.

Image: [WayBack] Wayback Machine.

The red zone is just one quadrant on the mutability/shareability diagram and getting outside that red zone quadrant is key.

With processor cores now becoming ubiquitous: you cannot get outside of the “Shard” half, so you have to get outside of the “Mutable” half.

Explaining the why and how, is part of a few presentations that Kevlin Henney gave:

Related YouTube videos are below.


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Scheduled jobs and jitter…

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/05/23

Too bad G+ doesn’t allow the WayBack machine or to archive the whole thread at¬†[WayBack] []¬†Das es inzwischen fast √ľberall Standard ist die Uhren mit einem guten Zeitsignal zu synchronisiseren (NTP, DCF-77, GPS etc) ist eigentlich eine gute Sache… – Kristian K√∂hntopp – Google+¬†so here are a few quotes below.

The generatel conclusions seem to be that:

This was the start:
Nils Ketelsen originally shared:

Guckt man live sieht es schon anders aus: W√§hrend die RunQueue meist so bei 4-5 liegt (bei 21vCPUs kein Problem) springt sie jede volle Minute einige Sekunden lang auf 20. Bei durch 2 Teilbaren Minuten auf ca. 40. Bei durch 10 Teilbaren Minuten auf 70, bei durch 15 teilbaren Minuten auf 150…. Ich habe eben durch einen schlecht getimten Toilettenbesuch die volle Stunde verpasst, das muss ich gleich mal anders hinbekommen, aber ich gehe davon aus, da√ü es da noch schlimmer ist.

And these some of the comments:

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Useful settings for FastMM4 to tracking bottlenecks in multi-threaded memory allocation

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/05/23

Interesting thread that reminded me of the relatively new FastMM feature to track down lock contention and cope with it using release stacks:

[WayBack] I try use FastMM4 to tracking bottleneck in allocating memory. I was inspired by this PrimoŇĺ movie: When I… – Jacek Laskowski – Google+

The changes by PrimoŇĺ have added these two new conditional defines to the FastMM4 codebase:

These options are mutually exclusive.

This was the original post it got introduced in [WayBack] The Delphi Geek: Finding Memory Allocation Bottlenecks with FastMM4 and merged into the main repository.

FastMM introduction: [WayBack] The New Memory Manager In BDS 2006 Рby Pierre le Riche.

It also taught me about [WayBack] RAMDisk – Software that Accelerates, Protects, Optimizes – Server Memory Products & Services – Dataram.

PrimoŇĺ stores his DCU files there: much faster than SSD, and far less wear on your SSD; see


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