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List of applications behind the various control panel links – via “Stop user access to control panel”

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/06/21

An interesting set of apps behind the various control panel links from [WayBack] Stop user access to control panel. Even though from 2013, many still work.

I edited most because:

  • some had the form control /name - Microsoft.AutoPlay but the – should have been between the name and the command.
  • none had the commands in code format so it was hard to see what you have to run

Add Hardware – Wizard hdwwiz.cpl
Administrative Tools – control admintools
Advanced System Properties ?
Advanced tab System – PropertiesAdvanced.exe
Computer Name – tab sysdm.cpl or SystemPropertiesComputerName.exe
Prevention tab – SystemPropertiesDataExecutionPrevention.exe
Hardware tab – SystemPropertiesHardware.exe
System Protection tab – SystemPropertiesProtection.exe
Remote tab – SystemPropertiesRemote.exe
AutoPlay – control /name Microsoft.AutoPlay
Backup and Restore Center – control /name Microsoft.BackupAndRestoreCenter
Backup Status and Configuration – sdclt.exe
BitLocker Drive Encryption – control /name Microsoft.BitLockerDriveEncryption
Bluetooth Devices – bthprops.cpl
Date And Time – timedate.cpl or control date/time
Display Settings – desk.cpl
Default Programs – control /name Microsoft.DefaultPrograms
Device Manager – devmgmt.msc
Disk Manager – diskmgmt.msc
Ease of Access Center – access.cpl or Utilman.exe
Game Controllers –  joy.cpl
Indexing Options – control /name Microsoft.IndexingOptions
Internet Options – inetcpl.cpl
Keyboard Properties – control keyboard
Mouse Properties – main.cpl or control mouse
Network and Sharing Center – control /name Microsoft.NetworkandSharingCenter
Network Connections – ncpa.cpl or control netconnections
Offline Files – control /name Microsoft.OfflineFiles
Parental Controls – control /name Microsoft.ParentalControls
Pen and Input – Devices TabletPC.cpl
People Near Me – collab.cpl or p2phost.exe
Phone and Modem Options – telephon.cpl or control telephony
Power Options – powercfg.cpl
Printers – control printers
Problem Reports and Solutions – wercon.exe
Programs and Features – appwiz.cpl
Regional and Language Options – intl.cpl or control international
Scanners and Cameras – sticpl.cpl
Secure Online Key Backup – control /name Microsoft.SecureKeyBackup
Security Center – wscui.cpl
Sound – mmsys.cpl
Speech Recognition Options – control /name Microsoft.SpeechRecognitionOptions
Sync Center – mobsync.exe
System – control /name Microsoft.System
Tablet PC Settings – control /name Microsoft.TabletPCSettings
Task Scheduler – control schedtasks
Text to Speech – sapi.cpl or control speech
User Accounts – nusrmgr.cpl or Netplwiz.exe or control userpasswords
User Accounts (advanced) – control userpasswords2
Volume Mixer – SndVol.exe
Welcome Center – control.exe /name Microsoft.WelcomeCenter
Windows Defender – MsAsCui.exe
Windows Firewall – Firewall.cpl or FirewallControlPanel.exe
Windows Firewall Settings – FirewallSettings.exe
Windows Sidebar Properties – control.exe /name Microsoft.WindowsSidebarProperties
Windows SideShow – control.exe /name Microsoft.WindowsSideshow
Windows Update – control.exe /name Microsoft.WindowsUpdate


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