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Archive for June 9th, 2020

Configuration files – Installation and configuration – Plastic SCM Community

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/06/09

The PlasticSCM GUI does not allow you to edit the paths of Workspaces (you can either rename a workspace or delete edit; no other editing options are available).

Luckily you can do this by hand editing the configuration files in %LocalAppData%\plastic4, though this is largely undocumented

Some of those configuration files are explained in [WayBack] Configuration files – Installation and configuration – Plastic SCM Community, but plastic.workspaces is not, so here are the steps:

  1. Quit the PlasticSCM GUI
  2. Backup  %LocalAppData%\plastic4\plastic.workspaces
  3. Open %LocalAppData%\plastic4\plastic.workspaces
  4. Be sure to leave the tab delimiters in place
  5. Be sure to keep lowercase drive letters (despite Windows being uppercase, Plastic insists on lowercase)
  6. Edit the right middle column (Workspace name) or right column (Workspace directory)
  7. Start the PlasticSCM GUI
  8. Verify the changes are correct
    • If they are not, restore %LocalAppData%\plastic4\plastic.workspaces

If you had “Pending changes” or “Queries” (or filters) on the repository, you also have to change these configuration files:

  • pendingchangescomments.conf
  • queries.conf
  • plastic.uisettings.conf

If you had it selected as current workspace, then you also need to change client.conf , especially the CurrentWorkspace element, as it does not contain the workspace name, but the workspace directory.

Note that sometimes this fails, giving you strange behaviour like [WayBack] “WorkspaceInfo cannot be null” message when moving workspace – General – Plastic SCM Community


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pip install –user and your path

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/06/09

I’ve added this to my ~/.bashrc to stuff installed by pip install --user is accessible from interactive shells:

# set PATH so it includes user's private python "pip --user" bin if it exists
if [ -d "$HOME/.local/bin" ] ; then

The addition is at the end of the path. It is a choice: it means machine installs take prevalence over user installs. That’s usually what I want. For more considerations (including non-interactive shells), see [WayBack] bash – How to correctly add a path to PATH? – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange.

The --user installs do not affect the full system, nor other users.

Further reading:


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bash + sed: quadruple backslash for proper escaping within an alias

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/06/09

This is part of a bash alias where I had to use quadruple backslash in order to escape it for sed:

# The sed with quad //// is to prevent 'unterminated substitute in regular expression':
alias x='... | sed "s/=.*/ \\\\/"'

This is needed because bash will escape \\\\ into \\ which sed then escapes to \.

The easiest way to find this is to replace the sed with echo to see the expansion.



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