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Archive for the ‘PlasticSCM’ Category

Plastic SCM: show the current changeset abstract (without files) on the commandline

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/04/14

I could not find a syntax for “current changeset”, but since cm log accepts the output of cm status as changeset identifier:

for /F "tokens=*" %l in ('call cm status --nochanges') do (call cm log %l --itemformat )

Or in batch file form:

for /F "tokens=*" %%l in ('call cm status --nochanges') do (call cm log %%l --itemformat )

Two important parts of the trick that ensure each command only outputs what is needed:

  1. The empty --itemformat specification for cm log indicates that no details about files should be logged.Without it, cm log will list both the changeset information and information about each item in the changeset.
  2. The other trick is --nochanges for cm status: it only shows the status line, and no other changes.Without it, cm status will emit one line per changed file.


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Undocumented Plastic “cm status –hiddenchanged” to show hidden changes like the Plastic SCM GUI does by default

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/03/16

[WayBack] Undo changes to a hidden changes item from CLI – General – Plastic SCM Community.

Maybe I should start an undocumented Plastic SCM series just like I did for Delphi. (:

As soon as you have entries in your hidden_changes.conf, then entries matching will show up in your Plastic SCM GUI, but not included in the cm status --all command.

Luckily there is an the --hiddenchanged switch (maybe to keep naming inconsistent with the hidden_changes.conf file) which is only documented in cm changed --help, not on-line).

So my new cm-show-status.bat file contains this line:

cm status --all --hiddenchanged %*

Maybe more switches can be deducted from [WayBack] Plastic SCM version control · The Plastic SCM API: GET PENDING CHANGES IN WORKSPACE:


GET /api/v1/wkspaces/:wkname/changes


Name Type Description
types string A comma-separated list detailing the desired change types to display in the response. Available types: addedcheckoutchangedcopiedreplaceddeletedlocaldeletedmovedlocalmovedprivateignoredhiddenchangedcontrolledchangedall

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PlasticSCM memories

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/12/23

Spending most of your career as an independent contractor, you bump into a lot of toolchains.

Part of those toolchains usually involved (and by now surely should involve) version control for both development and infrastructure configuration management.

I remember PlasticSCM quite well.

The really good part is the branch overview (called Branch Explorer) in the PlasticSCM UI, as it is:

They also have frequent updates, which however are hard to discover because there is no built-in update mechanism that notifies you of them.

Those updates are badly needed, because I kept bumping into bugs. Which is odd, because I bumped into far less issues when using UI layers for SVN, TFS, Mercurial and git (SourceTree being a major exception, but they seem to have recovered from a long period of bad versions a few years back).

So here are some of my gripes, that might have been fixed by now.

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Plastic SCM blog: Unified diff of a branch

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/11/03

Too bad I bumped into this a long time after having been a regular PlasticSCM user: [] Plastic SCM blog: Unified diff of a branch:

Learn how to create a custom action to run a unified diff operation for a Plastic SCM branch.

It is an open source tool called unifiedbranchdiff.exe at github, and seems based on a cm path for getting paths, and cm patch for generating the actual patch, and needing external GNU tools diff and patch (hopefully it also works with more recent versions than the woefully outdated 2007 Win32 versions of [WayBack] DiffUtils 2.8.7 for Windows and [WayBack] Patch 2.5.9 for Windows).





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Configuration files – Installation and configuration – Plastic SCM Community

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/06/09

The PlasticSCM GUI does not allow you to edit the paths of Workspaces (you can either rename a workspace or delete edit; no other editing options are available).

Luckily you can do this by hand editing the configuration files in %LocalAppData%\plastic4, though this is largely undocumented

Some of those configuration files are explained in [WayBack] Configuration files – Installation and configuration – Plastic SCM Community, but plastic.workspaces is not, so here are the steps:

  1. Quit the PlasticSCM GUI
  2. Backup  %LocalAppData%\plastic4\plastic.workspaces
  3. Open %LocalAppData%\plastic4\plastic.workspaces
  4. Be sure to leave the tab delimiters in place
  5. Be sure to keep lowercase drive letters (despite Windows being uppercase, Plastic insists on lowercase)
  6. Edit the right middle column (Workspace name) or right column (Workspace directory)
  7. Start the PlasticSCM GUI
  8. Verify the changes are correct
    • If they are not, restore %LocalAppData%\plastic4\plastic.workspaces

If you had “Pending changes” or “Queries” (or filters) on the repository, you also have to change these configuration files:

  • pendingchangescomments.conf
  • queries.conf
  • plastic.uisettings.conf

If you had it selected as current workspace, then you also need to change client.conf , especially the CurrentWorkspace element, as it does not contain the workspace name, but the workspace directory.

Note that sometimes this fails, giving you strange behaviour like [WayBack] “WorkspaceInfo cannot be null” message when moving workspace – General – Plastic SCM Community


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