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Double up two Ultimate Ears devices to your Mac (or PC)

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/12/16

Two great Ultimate Ears tricks. First pairing them (thanks daleph, see also the video below):

To pair 2 devices without an app:

  1. Pair the FIRST speaker with your mac:
    1. Go to System Preferences > Bluetooth
    2. Press and hold the Bluetooth button until a tone is heard, it should appear as UM BOOM, pair it.
  2. Start playing music
  3. On the device now playing music press and hold the + and the Bluetooth keys until a tone is heard
  4. On the SECOND speaker press the Bluetooth button twice quickly
  5. After a few seconds both speakers will join together

They are only added as an identical pair, NOT Left and Right stereo



Source: Re: UE Boom app for Mac – Logitech Forums

Then doing double up in stereo (thanks tomborai and McAllan):

There IS a way… you just gotta find a buddy who has the UE Boom App on either iOS or Android.

Set up STEREO mode and enable “Double Up Lock” just once with the App, ensure it plays proper stereo, then disconnect and power off both speakers.

App no longer needed.

Whenever you desire, power on both speakers around the same time, they will pair within seconds.

Then take your MAC, pair the first speaker only (LEFT), et voila, the speakers have memorized the stereo mode, enjoy!



4 Responses to “Double up two Ultimate Ears devices to your Mac (or PC)”

  1. Stereomancer said

    In my experience (UE Boom), for true stereo in partyup mode, you need to link both speakers to a phone with the Boom app. Before you link the speakers, in the app, go to the speaker settings and activate the “Sticky Partyup” and “Public” options in the Partyup settings. Then go to the Partyup tab of the speaker you want as a host (by default it will be LEFT channel, and don’t change it) and double press the bluetooth button of the other UE Boom speaker that will join the host. After you see the new speaker in the app, slide it to the right of the hosting speaker, so it becomes the RIGHT channel. (Now, ensure the speakers play proper stereo, if not you will have to reset the speakers and start over) Close the app and disable bluetooth on the phone. Now connect the host UE Boom to your PC or Mac and it should play true stereo and hopefully the settings will be remembered by both speakers after you power them on simultaneously (Again, ensure both speakers play proper stereo, if not you will have to reset the speakers and start over).

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