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Archive for December 13th, 2015

/etc/netconfig conflict

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/12/13


Detected 1 file conflict:

File /etc/netconfig
  from install of
     libtirpc3-1.0.1-1.1.x86_64 (Main Repository (OSS))
  conflicts with file from install of
     libtirpc1-0.2.5-1.1.x86_64 (openSUSE-20150508-0)

File conflicts happen when two packages attempt to install files with the same name but different contents. If you continue, conflicting files will be replaced losing the previous content.

Changes: go figure (:

revue:/etc # diff netconfig.201507191158 netconfig
< udp6       tpi_clts      v     inet6    udp     -       -
 udp6       tpi_clts      v     inet6    udp     -       -
> tcp6       tpi_cots_ord  v     inet6    tcp     -       -


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