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Archive for December 10th, 2015

In remembrance of Felipe Rodriquez

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/12/10

Felipe makes a few appearances in this great _Unauthorized Access_ documentary by Annaliza Savage 1994.

Memorable moments:

  1. Intro about the initial small size of Hack-Tick.
  2. The start of the Hack-Tick ISP in The Netherlands, which originally started with UUCP and later grew into one of the most important general ISPs with a very keen focus in privacy: xs4all.
  3. Hacking at the End of the Universe congress.

Most of the “in memories” were in Dutch, but one of the few English ones says it all: [Wayback] D U T C H F E L L O W S — In memory of Felipe Rodriquez.

Karin Spaink (friend of Felipe, also suffering from MS) wrote [Wayback] Felipe Rodriguez has died.

A few of the Dutch articles that impressed me very much (some obituaries, some on the internet history in The Netherlands):


The full video:

Slightly longer but with a worse audio quality:


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The size and distribution of the data over your Google Drive storage

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/12/10

Drive storage is at


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