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Searching old Twitter posts

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/11/02

I got a bit tired of scrolling back to a known date for posts (as having a couple of 100 tweets visible really makes browsers slooooooooooooooow), so I wondered if you could limit a date range. Yes you can! There are even more options, and there is even a special search page for that:

You can use all these from the regular search as well as per [WayBack] Find Your Old Tweets: How to See Your First Tweet | WordStream.

A was too lazy to find all the possible keywords myself, so used [WayBack] How to use advanced Twitter search queries (with examples!) | Union Metrics (and a few others I found later) to make this list:

keword/prefix meaning/values
include word or phrase
if it is an account: includes tweets from, mentions and retweets of that account
negate: exclude this word or phrase
@ mentions of an account, but not tweets from it
# hashtag
lang: two-letter ISO 639-1 language code from [WayBack] What languages can I limit report results to? – Union Metrics Help Desk;
might actually be any BCP 47 IETF language tag
near: region (country, city)
within: distance around center of region (at least ##mi for miles and ##km for kilometers are supported)
since: date, including the since date
until: date, excluding the until date
to: reply-tweets to an account (which does not allow an @)
from: tweets from an account (which does not allow an @)
filter: at least recognises filter:links to only returns tweets having links
:( searches for negative attitudes (it recognises many negative emoticons)
:) searches for negative attitudes (it recognises many positive emoticons)
? searches for questions
source: at least recognises source:twitterfeed to only return tweets posted via twitterfeed
OR include multiple words or phrases


A few tips of things to avoid:

  • same start/finish dates: that makes the range 0 days and not display any tweets at all
  • too long date range: browsers do not like having many tweets visible at the same time

So this does not work:

But this does:

You can even reclaim your time-line on a specific date: just increase the date by one day:

Three really cool things on that last URL

  • it shows as the “old fashioned” (not mangled by Twitter because of popularity/advertisements/etc) way
  • you can apply it for the current date as well (just remember to add one day!)
  • if you do, it automatically shows if there are updates

Hmm, maybe I should make a redirect that always shows your timeline for today in the non-mangled way (:

Some more links I found during this search:


PS: from the pop-up at


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