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Delphi: combining intrinsic functions and inline to have no-code checks on concrete generic instantiation

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/03/04

The title might sound like a lot of gibberish, but the mechanism it describes helps solving a problem when using generics: lack of generic constraints in the compiler.

For instance, you cannot constrain on enumeration types (C# could not do this either: you could not do T GetEnumFromString<T>(string valueString, T defaultValue) where T : Enum, but [WayBack] since C# 7.3, you can do ... where T : Enum) unless you [WayBack] did some real hackery.

For Delphi, you still cannot do the constraint, but with some hackery, you can avoid code generation. Spring4d uses this in [WayBack] Spring.pas, from which I copied these fragments:

class function TType.Kind<T>: TTypeKind;
  Result := System.GetTypeKind(T);
  typeInfo: PTypeInfo;
  typeInfo := System.TypeInfo(T);
  if typeInfo = nil then
  Result := typeInfo.Kind;

class procedure Guard.CheckTypeKind<T>(expectedTypeKind: TTypeKind;
  const argumentName: string);
  if TType.Kind<T> <> expectedTypeKind then
    RaiseArgumentException(TType.Kind<T>, argumentName);

class function TEnum.IsValid<T>(const value: Integer): Boolean;
  data: PTypeData;
  Guard.CheckTypeKind<T>(tkEnumeration, 'T');
  data := GetTypeData(TypeInfo(T));
  Result := (value >= data.MinValue) and (value <= data.MaxValue);

When <T> is an enumeration type, any code for that call is eliminated by the compiler.


Concrete versus generic type:


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