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Archive for March 16th, 2021

Running SuperMicro IPMIView on MacOS

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/03/16

I wrote about SuperMicro mainboards and IPMIView recently, but that ran only on Windows and Linux. Since I focus my desktop mainly on MacOS, and never on Linux, I did not want to use the Windows IPMView (though it did work most of the time).

Not having a MacOS version sounded odd, as there was an iOS version:

[WayBack] ‎Supermicro IPMIView on the App Store “This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.”

A quick search made me find a few links:

The last one looked most promising, so I forked it.

Following the steps already made me write down a few notes for changes in the file.

But then I bumped into a strange error when wanting to use the KVM Console from IPMIView, as it threw the same error all the time:

".jre/Contents/Home/bin/java": error=2, No such file or directory

I made a quick note in [WayBack] KVM Console cannot start due to java not found · Issue #1 · jpluimers/ · GitHub:

When starting a KVM Console, you get this error: ".jre/Contents/Home/bin/java": error=2, No such file or directory

Try to fix this.

Later I dug a bit deeper, and managed to fix it in the script steps of the

git clone
mkdir -p Resources/IPMIView
pushd Resources/IPMIView/
tar -zxvf ~/Downloads/IPMIView*.tar.gz --strip=1
pushd jre/
mkdir -p Contents/Home/bin
pushd Contents/Home/bin
ln -s `which java` java
rsync -avlo ~/Applications/

Of course I ran into another problem on one of my SuperMicro machines: the KVM Console would consistently crash. Luckily that was solved by a IPMI Firmware Upgrade:

[WayBack] java – Supermicro IPMIView KVM Console does not work at all – Server Fault

The problem was the firmware for the IPMI on these boards was too old (not the same as the BIOS – updating the BIOS will not help in this case). Digging around SuperMicro’s site (never did get a reply from them), I found the Firmware Revision of 3.20 & was able to install it. On the IPMI device tab, under “Device Information”, you should see: Firmware Revision 3.20 IPMI Revision: 2.0 I can now see the KVM Console in both the IPMIView software


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Undocumented Plastic “cm status –hiddenchanged” to show hidden changes like the Plastic SCM GUI does by default

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/03/16

[WayBack] Undo changes to a hidden changes item from CLI – General – Plastic SCM Community.

Maybe I should start an undocumented Plastic SCM series just like I did for Delphi. (:

As soon as you have entries in your hidden_changes.conf, then entries matching will show up in your Plastic SCM GUI, but not included in the cm status --all command.

Luckily there is an the --hiddenchanged switch (maybe to keep naming inconsistent with the hidden_changes.conf file) which is only documented in cm changed --help, not on-line).

So my new cm-show-status.bat file contains this line:

cm status --all --hiddenchanged %*

Maybe more switches can be deducted from [WayBack] Plastic SCM version control · The Plastic SCM API: GET PENDING CHANGES IN WORKSPACE:


GET /api/v1/wkspaces/:wkname/changes


Name Type Description
types string A comma-separated list detailing the desired change types to display in the response. Available types: addedcheckoutchangedcopiedreplaceddeletedlocaldeletedmovedlocalmovedprivateignoredhiddenchangedcontrolledchangedall

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Delphi use of FS segment: structured exception handling

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/03/16

A while ago, I had to trace through a lot of code in the CPU pane to track down some memory allocation related issues.

I wondered what the use of the FS segment was about, so via [] delphi what is fs segment used for – Google Search, I found that it is related to Win32 Structured Exception handling and therefore not limited to Delphi, through these links:

A few disassembly parts to show how the Delphi Win32 compiler uses this for try finally blocks and try except blocks is below. Note that often, there are implicit try finally blocks when having managed method parameters or local variables.


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