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Hooking up a Sunny Boy 2500TL to the net

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/01/22

Out of the box, the BlueTooth equipped Sunny Boy models (the non network connected ones) can be monitored from your PC using the SUNNY EXPLORER software. But that has quite a few drawbacks:

  • The software is Windows-only.
  • It is not network connected.
  • The Sunny Boy aggregates historical data, so after a short while you loose the details it aggregated from.

There are scripts and apps that to download data via Sunny Explorer or directly over bluetooth and even export it to a site that collects and publishes PV statistics. They even have a nice region donut about world wide performance.

Some ways to do this:

Note: PV BeanCounter understands the Currentcost EnviR power meter, and the Currentcost Optismart works with Landis+Gyr ZME120ACd (and many other power meters too). Which means I can use PV Beancounter to watch my power consumption as well.

Cloud based Sunny Portal

There are two ways to connect to the cloud based SMA Sunny Portal. There are is an Android app and an iOS app connecting to the portal

Easy way:

  1. Get a SMA Speedwire network interface Webconnect module (Europe: model SWDM-10, USA: model SWDM-US-10)
  2. Connect to the Sunny Portal.
  3. Register your Sunny Boy using the PIC and RID identifiers on your network interface module.

The cool thing: all Sunny Boy equipment produced from October 2014 up come with Webconnect; too bad by SB 2500TL ST-21 was just a few months too old. If you live in the USA, the even younger and one model bigger models 3000TL and up have now have Secure Power Supply.

Slightly more difficult way: more expensive, superseded by the easy way.

  1. Get an RS-485 interface (for Europe: model DM-485CB-10, for USA: model DM-485CB-US-10).
  2. Get an SMA WebBox module (for Europe: model SWebBox-BA, for USA: model SWebBox-BA-US).
  3. Connect the SMA WebBox to the Sunny Portal using the Sunny WebBox Assistant (now called SMA Connection Assist).

Note: WebBox should be able to do ModBus too.

Do it all yourself without the cloud

Then there is the do it yourself way that gives you more insight (not just multi-string aggregates).

It’s also the hard way using the built-in BlueTooth and a stack of software to do it yourself.

There are a couple of choices to get started software wise:

I got most of the above from Best way to monitor SMA SunnyBoy inverters? – Solar Panels – Solar Panels Forum.

For instance you can use SBFSpot for connecting to on PV generated power: – share, compare and monitor live solar photovoltaic output data

Source: PVOutput supports WebBox out of the box, but for WebConnect you will have to do a bit more work.

SMASpot Monitoring in Domoticz – Domoticz explains how to use SBFSpot with

Domoticz is a lightweight Home Automation System

Source: Domoticz


Sunny Boy 2500TL that's just 4 months tool old to include WebConnect Sunny Boy 2500TL that’s just 4 months tool old to include WebConnect

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